Rolfing Myth Series: Myth #4 “It’s just a deep tissue massage”

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I am not a massage therapist. I have a degree in Exercise Science and a certification in – you guessed it – Rolfing Structural Integration. I don’t do massage. All too commonly, when someone has heard of Rolfing but is unfamiliar with it, I hear them say, “oh ya, that’s like really intense deep tissue massage.”

A significant distinction that sets me apart from massage therapists is the lens through which I see the body. Imagine for a moment a plumb line going down the center of your body, from the top of your head all the way through the center of your pelvic floor. How is your body lined up along that line? What kind of support, if any at all, is your body receiving from this line?

Here is a tangible example of the above. Let’s say a client comes to me and their main goal is to improve shoulder range-of-motion. They are only interested in 2 sessions with me, and their resources aren’t able to cover a long-term relationship at this point in time. While I am working with their shoulder, even as I might be working super specific muscles, in the back of my head, I am always thinking of how does their shoulder relate to their line? What is the relationship of their shoulder to their rib cage? How or how not is their pelvis supporting their rib cage so that their shoulder girdle can be supported? See the trend yet? I am always thinking of integrating throughout the entire body. It is all connected.

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