Programming Outlook (August 12th – September 29th)

The upcoming block of programming for CrossFit Sanitas is built upon a thought-out weekly structure centered around some key components that your coaches have noticed could use more attention. With that, we have come up with some great ideas to keep things fun and exciting while driving capacity upward in our strength lifts, aerobic zones, weightlifting movements, and gymnastics components.

This blog post is meant to give you a glimpse into the progressions and an understanding of the methodology that we are implementing to help you all stay healthy and happy, while driving performance metrics in the right direction.

How Long is this Block of Training?

We are entering a 7-week block of training to focus on the components explained below. The first 2 weeks will build in consistency week-to-week before we enter a testing period at the start of “The Clean Challenge” that kicks off August 26th. Refer to this link in order to get all the info you need about the upcoming clean challenge.

The Clean Challenge tests are worked into the key components of the 7-week block so that we can tie everything together and allow all of you to be very successful when we come back for retests. The challenge is 4 weeks long and we will be testing the week after the challenge, ultimately concluding our 7-week block.

What is the Focus of this Training Block?

The Overhead Squat

We love the overhead squat because if you focus on improving the overhead squat, you will improve both your stability and mobility. Trunk stability and thoracic mobility are the two prime areas of improvement we will expect to see from working on the overhead squat.

What should I see improve by improving my overhead squat?

You will see your total body mobility and strength improve and should see a huge jump in your ability to snatch as that fear getting under the bar will go away as you get more comfortable with weight overhead.

What if I physically can’t overhead squat?

Don’t worry, we have some progressions laid out that will still work on overhead mobility, trunk stability, and improve total body strength.

  • Weeks 1-2: During our strength components we will still have you working in a group, but will focus on PVC pipe overhead squat to a box and combine that with back squats to build strength.
  • Weeks 3-4: We will then move to an overhead lunge progression to allow for greater loading and stability. We are still combining this with the back squat building on weeks 1-2.
  • Weeks 5-7: We will then move back to the box, but with a double KB or DB Overhead Squat to Box combining the previous two progressions into a movement that will definitely challenge you, strengthen your upper thoracic and work on mobility through the shoulders.

Support Holds and False Grip Holds

Why are we focusing on these gymnastics components?

We are working towards helping people develop the capacity for their first strict muscle-up! Static/isometric holds help build total-body strength and stability that will have huge transferability over to every other gymnastics movement.

You will see this often put in as an EMOM before WODs building time under tension week-to-week and then added in with more complexity towards the final weeks of the block.

Aerobic Intervals in the range of 2:30-4:00 with 1:30-2:30 rest intervals

We will be building volume here to allow you to understand how to pace better and work at around 85% of your max heart rate for longer periods of time as well as teach your body how to recover from these bouts better.

Why are we focused on this time domain?

For one, The CrossFit Open is coming up and these types of intervals are particularly good at developing the capacity to hit metcons well in the time domain of 8-16min, which is where 90% of all Crossfit Open workouts live.

More importantly, building threshold capacity has been shown to have the greatest impact on individuals overall aerobic performance as well as health and longevity.

Weightlifting Focus Days

Once a week we will be focusing on a weightlifting movement, i.e. the Snatch or Clean and Jerk. The goal is to help you improve your form and feel more confident when these lifts come up in the future. If you have struggled with the olympic lifts or haven’t felt yourself progressing. Come to these days and focus on movement quality first and load second!

Questions and Concerns?

If you are wondering how to take full advantage of the progressions over the next 7 weeks, do not hesitate to ask one of your coaches or email Dwight@CrossFitSanitas with any questions. If you are specifically concerned about working on the Overhead Squat, we totally understand that, and as a group have talked through it thoroughly, so that everyone will still get a great workout even if we modify for you. By working on improving the overhead squat we will be spending an even greater amount of time on the ankles, hips, and thoracic, which is a huge limiter for the majority of the gym. We are hoping with this focus will help to decrease pain and discomfort associated with the lack of mobility in these areas.

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