Programming for the Next CrossFit Sanitas Training Cycle

Over the past 7 weeks we have seen some huge improvements in strength, mobility, and confidence in the overhead position. It has been awesome to see these developments in our athletes and we look forward to seeing that continue. With that new found positional strength, we hope when overhead squats or snatching come up in future workouts, you will be less likely to shy away from the WOD and more apt to tackle it with newfound confidence.

Our next training cycle will have a lot of consistency week-to-week because our next cycle occurs during the CrossFit Open that will be from October 10th until November 12th. For those interested in signing up for this years CrossFit Open follow this link.

We will be doing the CrossFit Open workouts every Friday in the gym from October 11th through November 8th. Due to the Open workout being announced on Thursdays, we will be changing up the way we do programming during the week to allow for you to hit The Open workouts well and not be torched or overdo yourself going into Friday. On Thursdays we will have an aerobic threshold workout that will allow for a long flush out, build a solid aerobic base, and leave you feeling fresh going into a high intensity, test workout on Fridays. Saturday will still be community focused, with fun team and partner workouts, but will not be programmed until Thursday night so we can pick movements that compliment those done on Friday.

Every Monday during this cycle will be “Barbell Monday” and we will be focusing on a weightlifting progression to have you feeling more confident in our olympic lifts!

Every Tuesday is focused on developing our capacity in one of our favorite benchmark metcons, “Strict Helen”. This workout consists of 3 rounds of 400m + 21 American kettlebell swings + 12 strict pull-ups. We will also be using Tuesdays to develop our strict muscle-up progression, building in eccentrics, holds, transitions, and finally attempting strict muscle-ups in the workout. Also expect a good amount of work on handstand walks and handstand push-ups.

On Wednesdays we will be alternating weeks of a kettlebell flow and archer push-up variations, along with Bulgarian split squats and landmine rows to work on unilateral strength and stability.

We already talked about Thursday-Saturday with the Open going on, so to finish things off, Sundays will be a fun mix of Turkish get-up strength work, bench press, circus clean and press, along with strongman movements like D-balls and the farmer’s carry.

The consistency week-to-week during this 7-week block is where we will really see huge benefits. It will allow for some very clear progressions allowing for greater proficiency in the movement patterns we are focused on as well as the energy systems we are trying to improve.

And yes… to all of you that asked, we will continue writing up suggested specific mobility to keep you working on that component of your fitness too!

Keep crushing it everyone and we will see you in there!

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