Programming: The End of the Open!

The end of the 2017 CrossFit Open is approaching and with that comes a change in programming. Our goal and focus at CrossFit Sanitas is to develop the healthiest and happiest community of people possible. This comes from emphasizing high quality nutrition along with a fitness program that facilitates longevity and wellness.

Our goal over the next two months at Sanitas will be about focusing on unilateral strength development through a lot of single leg and single arm work that will help to develop better cross-sectional stability. Single leg balance strength work helps reinforce one of our most powerful stabilizing muscle, the transverse abdominis. This muscle acts like a girdle and plays an important role in spinal stability and reducing risk of low back injury.

We will be implementing a consistent weekly structure to the programming in order to create better progressions for our olympic lifts, gymnastic skills, and strength gains. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will incorporate some type of barbell work. That barbell work may be light and fast working on barbell cycling patterns or heavy lifting to develop better overall strength and stability. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be focused on developing gymnastic strength and utilizing a lot of DB, KB, slam balls and plyometric work. We have noticed over the previous few months that a lot of people are not able to make the times for gymnastics class, so we will be incorporating more consistent gymnastics skill work into daily WODs. Saturdays will remain partner/team WODs and Body-Building or Odd object work will be on Sundays!

We will be incorporating more reps and drills in the warm-ups. These may at feel like a workout, but what we have noticed is that athletes always move better when they are not on a time clock. This will help you all develop more as athletes, creating consistent mechanics at the right volume to allow you to adapt and thrive. This will also help to reinforce better muscular endurance and overall metabolic conditioning that will help build longstanding results.

Summer is coming! So, be on the lookout for the upcoming nutrition challenge and those extra core sessions.

Happy End of the 2017 CrossFit Open Season



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