Our Team

Dwight Upshaw – Head Coach/Endurance Specialist

Background: Dwight has trained athletes of all types for nearly 10 years. Growing up in Northern California, he started out in track, football, swimming, baseball, and soccer. In college, he was a D-1 rower on the UC Berkeley Crew Team. He later transitioned into triathlons and multi-sport racing and was part of the UC Berkeley Tri Team that won the Collegiate National Championship.

After years as an endurance athlete and with burnout beginning to creep in, Dwight found CrossFit.  The competitive, fun, community-based atmosphere helped him fall back in love with fitness. Dwight has nearly 10 years as a multi-sport endurance coach, leading multiple athletes to Boston qualifying times as well as top 10 Triathlon finishes (from sprints to Iron Man).

As a Boulder CrossFitter, you gotta love a guy who can run a marathon in 2:39 (that’s 26 6-minute miles) AND deadlift over 545 pounds!

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Mobility, National Association of Sports Medicine – CPT


Michael Butts – Senior Coach/Olympic Lifting Specialist

Michael grew up in the small town of Carthage in SW Missouri. Growing up with boundless energy and the last name Butts, he and his brother got into quite a few scuffles as children, so their father decided to take them both to wrestling practice. His senior year he went undefeated and won a state title. This accomplishment earned him a full ride scholarship to the University of Nebraska at Omaha where he studied physical education.

After college, Michael discovered rock climbing and spent 9 years climbing around the world, in over a dozen countries, pushing himself mentally and physically on some of the best rock climbs and mountains around the world. During his travels he was exposed to almost everything the fitness world had to offer. Gripped by the desire to find new challenges, he discovered CrossFit in 2008. After only a few workouts he knew that CrossFit was going to be more than just a training element in his life.

“Above all, I believe that fitness is non-negotiable. In life the ability or inability to meet physical challenges shapes an individual’s personality and lifestyle be it moving luggage to the overhead bin, climbing stairs at work or hiking a 14’er. I believe in a world filled with confidence and strength and I am dedicated to the pursuit of fitness, healthy living and helping others get there to. If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.”

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, Crossfit Olympic Weight lifting, Crossfit Mobility, NASM certified Personal Trainer,


Stacey Heronema – Coach

Stacey is a Colorado native and grew up playing competitive soccer on a traveling team. Stacey loved Colorado so much that she turned down a full ride soccer scholarship to a Division I school, so she could stay close to the mountains. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she studied Integrative Physiology and Psychology. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in 2011, and plans on going back to school for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Stacey has always been a natural leader. She was the captain of her soccer team, and loved to lead by example. She began her coaching career when she was a teenager coaching pee-wee T-Ball and youth soccer and track. After becoming hooked on CrossFit as an athlete, Stacey decided it was time to join the coaching side.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Mobility, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Laura Lochmann – Coach


Laura grew up in Northern Wisconsin, where her athletic pursuits consisted of a variety of sports through out grade school to high school but nothing really “stuck” except for dance. After moving to Madison, Laura realized she needed to find a way to get active again. Her mom was actually the person who got her to her first CrossFit class and after that she was hooked. Her mom beat her at that free community class, but Laura couldn’t let that happen again. So she signed up the next day.

When she is not at the gym, Laura enjoys reading realistic fiction and researching nutrition as well as getting outside and hiking, camping, or spending time with her dogs.

As a coach and leader, Laura wants to make sure that every person who walks in to class feels welcome and knows that no matter what the work out is they will get better that day. She feels that the best part about being a CrossFit coach is helping individuals achieve goals that they never thought possible.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Rowing, CrossFit Gymnastics, Precision Nutrition Level 1

Elissa Morello – Coach


Elissa was born in Florida, grew up in New Hampshire and has lived in several states across the country before finally settling in Colorado. She loved being on her high school and university’s acrobatic teams, traveling, performing and teaching others. This led Elissa to personal training in 2009, also giving distance running and bodybuilding a try before finally finding CrossFit in 2012 in Las Vegas. She was thrilled to find a sport that made her feel good, satisfied her competitive side and didn’t require her to be hungry all the time.

Coaching and training is a passion of hers because she believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to know what truly feeling good and living life to the fullest is like. She loves to find out what motivates people and believes this is the key to committing to and being successful at achieving your goals.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit Competitors Course, CrossFit Anatomy


Steve Parsoneault – Coach

“Paleo” Steve grew up in California and holds an engineering degree from UC Berkeley. He started Crossfit in 2008 and is a 4X Crossfit Games competitor. From 2012-2014 he finished top ten world wide in the Crossfit Open, and at the Games, in the Master’s Division. His best finish was 2nd place in 2013. Steve has chased adventure sports all his life including windsurfing, ice climbing, competitive mountain biking, spearfishing, backcountry split-boarding, and rock climbing — he trains to play. Steve also started one of the original paleo blogs where you can find creative and arguably outlandish recipes.

Steve is employed as a managing principal engineer at Seagate Technology in Longmont and is sponsored by Eating Primal, FitAID, Suerte Tequila, EXO, and Simply Pure Nutrients.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, 4x CrossFit Games Competitor (2012 4th Place Finisher 50-54, 2013 2nd Place Finisher 50-54, 2014 10th Place Finisher 50-54, 2015 2nd Place Finisher 50-54)


Antonio Pestello – Coach

Background: After graduating from the University of Colorado with a degree in Economics and Math in 2015, Antonio decided that he was much better suited for a career in CrossFit. Antonio believes that every time you step into the gym, both as an athlete and as a coach, you have the opportunity to better yourself mentally and physically. As an athlete, he looks at his time in the gym as the chance to make the decision minute by minute to push himself to do what others aren’t doing that day, so ultimately he could do what others couldn’t do tomorrow. As a coach,  he takes pride in the opportunity to create a culture for athletes to understand that they are capable of much more than they think.

Antonio has learned two things through CrossFit that he applies every single day in the gym. CrossFit is just as much mental training as it is physical training; and there are no bad teams, just bad leaders. He believes that it is his job as a coach to not just guide athletes through their hour workout, but to instruct them through their training in an effort to make them better prepared for tomorrow.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Elisa Schauer – Coach

Background: As a Colorado native, Elisa has always had a passion for fitness and the outdoors. After playing sports growing up (ranging from Ultimate Frisbee to Basketball) she found her place as a member and Officer of the National Championship Triathlon Team at the University of Colorado, Boulder where she also received her degree in Advertising and Integrative Physiology.

After years of Endurance sports and experiencing some burnout, she found CrossFit in Boulder and was immediately hooked. The more she became involved as an athlete the more she wanted to share her passion with others by becoming a coach. She is able to share her passion of coaching while also maintaining a part-time position as the Operations Coordinator at a Boulder advertising agency.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Endurance, NASM-CPT, USA Weightlifting


Melissa Roza – Owner/Business Leader

Melissa leads Sanitas’ operations and member services. Melissa discovered CrossFit while seeking a more well-rounded exercise program than trail running following the birth of her twins. With four young kids and a traveling husband, Melissa experiences the real-life time challenges mothers face every day. She has found CrossFit to be the most efficient form of exercise to fit into her busy lifestyle, and started CrossFit Sanitas to make these benefits available to other busy Boulder moms.

Melissa is a CU grad, reformed investment banker and silicon valley high-tech professional. CrossFit Sanitas is her second entrepreneurial venture – in 2002, she founded Chateau Weddings, and planned over 50 destination weddings in France and Italy for couples from all over the world. Her fitness journey has included running, mountain biking, swimming, triathlons, and yoga.


Eric Roza – Owner

Eric focuses on Sanitas’ strategy and vision. A lifelong fitness nut, Eric discovered CrossFit in 2008 after a running injury and high-cholesterol diagnosis had him wondering if age had finally caught up with him. Within six months of CrossFit and the adoption of an 80/20 paleo diet, he was in the best shape of his life, and both problems were a thing of the past! He immediately recognized that he had found the elixir of youth, and has since been responsible for introducing hundreds of others to the benefits of both CrossFit and Paleo eating, with numerous life-changing impacts.

Eric is a firm believer that fitness can be improved and maintained through old age, and that employers can play a key role in improving health and wellness as a source of competitive advantage as well as societal benefit. In his day job as CEO of Datalogix, Eric has tested these theories by building an in-house CrossFit gym and offering free Paleo meals and health education to its 400+ employees. Datalogix has emerged as one of the country’s fastest-growing technology companies and has been named a top 100 company to work for by both Fortune and Outside Magazines. Its healthcare costs have grown at less than 1/2 the national average for the past three years. Eric is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer.

CrossFit Credentials:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer


Tom Baker – Manager, Member Services

Tom is like most people in Colorado; born on the east coast with a sudden urge to move out west in search of gold. He moved to Colorado to be closer to his sister and newly born nephew, and of course, experience all the amazing outdoor recreation that Colorado has to offer. He began his CrossFit journey in early 2012 to train for a Spartan Race later in the year. After his first free intro class at a box in Providence, he was hooked. Tom found CrossFit Sanitas soon after moving to Boulder and jumped at the chance to share his passion for CrossFit and wellness with others so that they too can experience the mental and physical growth that he has.