Open Gym

At CrossFit Sanitas, we want you to have the freedom in the gym to get everything you need. Whether that’s accessory work, extra mobility, skill training, or making up some strength work — it’s important to us that you have the space for all of your fitness needs in and out of class. Open gym is available to all members, and we want to ensure a great experience for everyone. We also want to ensure that open gym does not detract from the experience in the main WOD.

Below is our policy:

You are welcome to utilize “Open Gym” whenever you need (except 8:30a-9:30a on Saturdays), just please be sure to follow the rules below to ensure the best experience for all the athletes in the gym.

  • All equipment needs to be put away when you’re done using it, not at the end of your training session.
  • Group classes always take priority on space and equipment. Not sure if you’ll be in the way? Ask the coach!
  • All barbells and any other heavy equipment can only be dropped when the music is all the way up and the metcon is in progress (not when the coaches are trying to teach group classes).
  • Open gym is currently available at all times except Saturday from 8:30a-9:30a.

We have a 3-strike policy for all Open Gym users. If you break one of these rules, you will be issued a strike. At 3 strikes, your Open Gym privileges will be revoked.

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