Barbell Skills

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been doing CrossFit in Boulder for years, this class will help you build efficiency and speed with the barbell. This will translate into better performance during the WODs, and it will definitely make the WODs more fun as you sail through any barbell work with new ease and efficiency. Here are the details:

*NOTE* This class runs intermittently in 5-week cycles, exclusively focusing on Oly skills and strength.

  • Great for all levels from beginners to competitors
  • Focus on common barbell movements – clean and jerk, snatch, etc.
  • More emphasis on movement and less emphasis on weight
  • Michael will be videotaping your movement patterns to accelerate improvements
  • If you’re at the intermediate or competitive level, this is a great class to add in before your WOD
  • Improves tendon and joint strength

We also have personal training available for this program if you have specific goals or events you’re training for.

If you would like to try an Olympic Lifting class or have more questions, please contact us here!