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At Sanitas, we believe that health and fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. So you’re missing the big picture if you’re not focused on what and when you eat.

After running 15+ successful clean challenges over the past 5 years, we’ve learned what it takes to make lasting lifestyle changes and the answers might surprise you. One obvious problem is not eating the right things. However, we’ve found that an even more common problem is just simply not eating enough. Another common problem is not eating on a good schedule. This causes blood sugar instability and leads to crashes and strong food cravings later in the day that will really sabotage any nutrition plan…no matter how determined you are. Sometimes what seems normal to you because you’ve been doing it all your life may not be the best approach; it can take a trained professional to see the problem more clearly.

Laura is certified as a Precision Nutrition Coach and can give you the guidance and accountability to make lasting lifestyle changes. You wouldn’t know it now, but she’s struggled with nutrition and disordered eating in the past. Those struggles led her to pursue a career in nutrition.

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Are you ready to pursue a healthier lifestyle? What are your goals?

  • Lose body fat
  • Improve strength and performance
  • Get rid of chronic health problems
  • Eliminate food cravings
  • Focus on sleep
  • Eat more mindfully…

Making lifestyle changes can be confusing:

  • What should I eat (Paleo, Vegan, low carb, what does a balanced meal even look like)?
  • When should I eat (what about intermittent fasting, should I eat before my workout)?
  • I’m working out 5 days a week…why am I not seeing results?
  • I’m too busy to cook during the week, so how do I make this work?
  • I feel like I’m eating enough, so why am I so tired all the time?

What’s Included with Your Monthly Plan

Everyone will have their own unique plan and approach, but below we outline the tools, testing, and metrics that we’ll use to ensure each individual the highest level of success.

As a new client, you will begin by creating a 3-Day Food Log as well as answering some general questions about your current nutrition/exercise habits, your health, and your goals prior to your first 60-Minute Intake meeting with one of our skilled nutrition coaches.

Whether it’s 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, your coach will be with you every step of the way to ensure you stay on track and stay accountable. We’ll test, retest and retest again to objectively evaluate your progress and make adjustments as needed.

This is not a diet plan. This is a process designed to assist you in creating a sustainable and healthy relationship with your food so that you can achieve your goals and have the tools to continue forward on your own with the greatest success.

  • 60-Minute Intake will accomplish
    • 3-day food log review
    • Body measurements
    • Before photos
    • Inbody 570 body fat test
    • Goal setting
    • Review food log format
  • Weekly Food Log Review will cover
    • Food
    • Eating schedule
    • Sleep
    • Pre/post workout nutrition
  • 30-Minute Monthly Review includes
    • Updated body measurements
    • Progress photo compilation
    • Updated Inbody 570 body fat test
    • Goal review & assessment

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More About What We Do

   60-minute Intake

We’ll begin by reviewing your initial intake form with your dedicated coach. After discussing your goals and developing a weekly meal plan, you will get your first body composition test, progress photo and food log. Your coach will then develop your custom nutrition plan and assign your first month of habits to follow.

   Weekly Food Log Review

A food log is one of the most effective tools in nutrition and is essential for getting the most out of nutrition counseling. You’ll keep notes on what you eat, when you eat, your workouts and your sleep. A 2010 study of 1,800 adults over six months found those that kept a food diary lost 50% more weight. View a sample log here.

   Body Composition Testing

Using the InBody 570, we’ll provide you with a full-page report to track your fat loss, muscle gain, and a variety of other success markers to ensure we’re on the right track with your nutrition. No dunking, no pinching; just take off your socks and shoes and the whole test takes about 90 seconds. View a sample report here.

   Continued Success Meeting

Whether you’ve signed up for 1, 3 or 6 months, you’ll finish off each month with a comprehensive review of your progress over the past 30 days. We’ll retest your body fat, finish off your progress photos and send you off with the tools you require to ensure continued success in your nutrition.

Choose Your Timeline

Everyone has different needs for coaching. Some just want a month to dial in a new plan, others may want continued long-term support to ensure you’ve developed a new, healthy relationship with your nutrition. Regardless of your needs, we have a variety of options for you. Plus you always have the ability to extend any plan you choose.

All plans include body composition tests, weekly food log reviews, and 1:1 support with your dedicated coach.

1 Month 3 Months  6 Months
Member Pricing $245 $495* $870** (Best Value)
Non-Member Pricing $275 $555* $990** (Best Value)

*Additional Months after 3 months can be purchased for $165-185/mo
**Additional Months after 6 months can be purchased for $145-165/mo

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Meet our Nutrition Coach

Laura Lochmann


  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • L3 CrossFit Trainer Certification

Nutrition isn’t always easy. And like many of you, Laura has had a lot of ups and downs with food. She has struggled with the many different options that can lead you astray; no meat, no carb, low calorie, overeating, overexercising, the list goes on. Regardless of where you’ve been, healthy nutrition ultimately comes from your psychological and emotional relationship with food.

Once I realized what I was doing to myself and how it was hurting rather than helping, I slowly but surely started to repair my relationship with food, eating, and nutrition. It wasn’t easy and immediate, I found myself at the other end of the spectrum—having gained nearly 50 lbs and unsure of what to do next. But with proper nutrition, guidance, fitness, and self-love and care…we can all find what balance will work best for us.” -Laura

Laura’s passion for nutrition and helping others find what works for them came from her own experiences and struggles, helping her relate to each situation with compassion and reason.