November Member of the Month

Our November Member of the Month is Andrew Knight! He has been a member at CrossFit Sanitas for 4 years now. His anniversary is 11/3/2015 and we are very excited to celebrate with a specialized WOD on Tuesday, November 19th. Definitely come to test yourself on “The Knight Rises”. Andy is a consistent member of the 5:30am WOD and is known for his strict strength work on gymnastics metcons as well as his conditioning on those long workouts many of us dread.

So here are our Member of the Month Questions for Andy…

Question #1) How did you get started with CrossFit? What was the primary driving factor?

I was working out in a gym in the mornings on my own, and definitely in a rut. I would basically ride the bike for 20 minutes, do bench press, then pull ups and sit ups.  I knew that I had to change something. I had never done any kind of group exercise outside of a team, but I was willing to go outside my comfort zone to find something that would increase the intensity of my workouts.

Question #2) What are your goals for the upcoming 2019/2020 CrossFit year?

One thing that I learned to love about CrossFit Sanitas is just following the program. I don’t have to think about whether I’m doing enough of this or that — just show up and do the WOD.  So, the main variable for me is consistency. I feel the best when I get some exercise everyday. So that’s my goal for the coming year. Outside of days of mountain biking or snowboarding, my goal is to be here, or at least do a travel WOD if I can’t make it to the gym.

Question #3) What was the biggest challenge for you when starting CrossFit?

Physically, mobility is my weakness. Both, as a result of prior injuries and innate lack of flexibility, CrossFit brought real challenges to me. I never had done squats before, and after 4 knee surgeries, including a PCL reconstruction, I never thought I’d progress to anything resembling a squat. My shoulder mobility was just as bad.

Mentally, I had to learn to gauge what was going to be my speed — what was doable. When I started CrossFit, I hadn’t done competitive sports since college, so I wasn’t used to the idea that I might not be able to keep up. At my first class, I quickly read the workout and thought that Rx was the minimum, with L1 and L2 being the more difficult options. So, I went all out on a sled push/assault bike/and something else. I ended up bailing on the work out midway, bent over by the trash cans outside trying not to vomit or pass out!
*Anecdote from Dwight: “I was there and remember thinking this guy looks incredibly fit and looks like he wants to really push it today, so I may have given him too much of a nudge to go to his limit and he found it. Andy’s face went white-ish green and he ran outside. Needless to say, we know Andy has the ability to push himself to some very high limits. He was back in the following day.”

Question #4) What is your favorite movement or biggest strength in CrossFit?

Strict pull-ups are probably my strongest movement. Even though I’m not very strong at it, I like power cleans because they are so basic.

Question #5) What is your least favorite movement in CrossFit?

Overhead squats. Gets all the stuff I’m bad at.

Question #6) What advice would you give to those just starting out here at CrossFit Sanitas?

First, pick your gym by the coaches. That is the beginning, middle, and end of what you should look for in a gym.

Second, follow the program, and spend the first couple of months doing less than you think that you can. The movements start to feel good after a few months, and your limitations start to become more clear. You can start to go for it once you know what you’re working with.

Question #7) What is your most memorable moment here at Sanitas?

Probably my first day — Dwight, you came outside to see if I was still alive and conscious. Strangely, I knew that if the workouts could kick my ass like that, I’d keep coming back.
That said, I have more memories from being part of the community at Sanitas than anything. I wouldn’t have guessed that when I started.

Member of the Month WOD extra questions…

  • Birthday: February 15, 1975
  • Favorite Number: 11
  • Favorite Style of Workout: Endurance
  • For Time or AMRAP: AMRAPs

Member of the Month WOD

“The Knight Rises”
20min AMRAP
1975m Row Buy-In
In Remaining Time AMRAP of
11 Low Hang Muscle Cleans at 75#/55#
11 Overhead Squats at 75#/55#
11 Strict Pull-Ups

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