New Strength Class Cycle *Starting Monday August 6th

Programming Overview

This will be a 6 week cycle with the 7th week being our de-load week and week 8 being our testing week! Over the course of this cycle we will be modulating intensity and volume to allow for adequate rest while still emphasizing hypertrophy gains!

***This program is for those that already know how to olympic lift, have adequate time under their belt with our class progressions on the Squat and Press, and are willing to come in prepared and ready to go!! ***

Olympic Lifting

We will be implementing percentage work on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. The focus here will be on getting more reps at above 75% to create more consistency in our mechanics at heavier loads.

Squat Emphasis

Monday will always be a heavy front squat followed by volume back squats. This will yield hypertrophy work for the legs and create greater stability in the core. On Friday’s we will be alternating rep maxes and box squats week to week.

Deadlift Emphasis

On Friday’s we will be alternating volume sets with short rest on week 1 with rep maxes and drop sets on week 2. We will also be implementing a good amount of single leg posterior chain work and iso holds on the GHD.

Pressing Strength

During the course of this cycle expect a lot of rep maxes and drop sets along with metcons that involve a lot of strict gymnastics work and holds. Idea here is to stabilize the joints and create better mid-trap engagement.

Pulling Strength

Expect a lot of ring rows, strict pull-ups, strict toes to bar, and bent rows as accessory. We are going to really emphasis building the lats and mid-back!



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