New Cycle Starts Monday

Hope everyone is enjoying the week and celebrating the end of the Open and our last 7-week cycle. The coaches have come together and helped to create a thoughtful balanced program for the next 8 weeks. Although we really enjoyed knowing what was coming on each day of the week during the last cycle, we have taken that idea and changed it a bit so that if you come in on different days of the week you will not miss out on the progressions laid out for the next phase of training.

We have built out our next training block around an 8 day micro-cycle with some clear focus points. By having some focus points we can really target certain areas of the body in order to get even greater training adaptation rather than trying to tackle everything all the time.

Focus areas for next training block

  1. Stability Pulling from the Floor: Developing a strong stable position pulling from the floor, creating a strong hinge pattern and bulletproof back. Over the course of the 8 weeks you will see the range of motion increase from blocks down to the floor and we will work in some good tempo work to develop control through the entire range of motion. We will also be adding in 2 days/week of some volume core work to reinforce midline strength.
  2. Overhead Pressing Strength: We will be adding in a Wendler Cycle for the strict press along with some great accessory work and strict handstand pushup work to create strong healthy shoulders. We have spent a good amount of time on our hands over the last training block, and this will only reinforce all the confidence and strength built in the previous phase.
  3. More Lateral Work: We will be adding in some lateral shuffles, lateral jumps, and more rotational exercises for the midline in the next phase of training. We want to develop all planes of motion and get the body to move in any direction at any time. This will create more stable knees, hips, and ankles as well as a stronger trunk.
  4. Back Squat and Hip Thrusts: Most of you have hit some consistent back squat cycles, but most of you have yet to really feel the effect of consistent work on hip thrusts. The idea here is to target the glutes and finally get those things to start firing. Both back pain and knee pain are caused by inactive glutes, so the idea here is to activate the glutes and stabilize the hips.
  5. Aerobic Development: Our aerobic development will be focused around varying carries with some classic calisthenic work to keep the heart pumping while still being able to focus stability and on the breath.

The 8 Day Micro Cycle in a Nut Shell

Day 1: Strength Focus: Weightlifting and Back Squat/Hip Thrust Cycle

Day 2: Interval Conditioning and Core Focus Work

Day 3: Benchmark WODs: There will be some fun Hero WODs mixed in here, with “Hollyman” on Thanksgiving Day.

Day 4: Aerobic Progression: 30min EMOMs alternating minutes of fast cyclical work with minutes of isometric holds.

Day 5: Strength Focus: Deadlift Cycle and core work or a short fast metcon.

Day 6: 16min AMRAP of simple movements moving from small rep counts to large reps counts of the same movements with the focus on developing the capacity to doing larger sets at a time during workouts.

Day 7: Strength Focus: Strict Press Wendler Cycle and Death by Strict Handstand Push-Ups. Goal here is to build up the ability to do larger sets of strict handstand push-ups as well as building bulletproof shoulders.

Day 8: Short and hard AMRAPs with short rest periods. Focus is on high intensity movements and lateral agility along with alternating segments of stability carries.


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