Monthly Challenge Update: Winner of the Mobility Challenge and The Cold Plunge Challenge

Mobility Challenge Results

The results are finally tallied up!! The winner of the Mobility Challenge is Erica Van Steenis with a total of 316 minutes accumulated on the mobility practice at the end of every WOD over the month of September. This means that she effectively spent an average of 10:30 each day stretching. That alone does not seem like a lot, but when you put in the time like she did consistently – versus an hour a day once every two weeks – your health and longevity in and out of the gym will be greatly affected.

It was a close race to the finish of the mobility challenge. Here are our top 5 for the month of September.

  1. Erica Van Steenis (316) Winner of a 60-minute massage!
  2. Katie Jagt (306)
  3. Karen Crofton (297)
  4. Kathleen Dehaven (294)
  5. Danielle Duncan (287)

The Cold Plunge Challenge

As most of you have seen the challenge for the month of October is the Cold Plunge Challenge. We are seeing who can spend the most time in the cold plunge over the month of October and we challenge as many of you as possible to spend at least 3min daily doing so to speed up your recovery and feel better overall.

Cold Therapy Benefits

Cold water immersion has been shown to have long lasting effects on the body’s natural immune function, lymphatic system, and digestive function. Cold water immersion helps to reduce inflammation and helps to increase circulation which helps the bodies natural response to intense exercise, helping you recover faster. It has also been shown to help increase metabolism by up to 16%. Some suggest this is due to the activation of brown fat cells in the body, which will help you loose a little extra body fat.

How to join!

Shower off in the hot shower first to make sure the cold plunge stays clean and jump in for 3min or more a day. Record reps as 1 rep for every 30sec completed. So the minimum we should see on Wodify each day is 6 reps, which would be the 3min minimum.

How do I log my score?

It will be under the monthly challenge section in the daily WOD. So log it by reps everyday and we will tally up the results at the end of the month. *Remember to hit the RX button for your scores to count*

Have fun and get mentally strong with the Cold Plunge Challenge!! Congrats again to Erica Van Steenis on winning the mobility challenge!

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