May Member of the Month: Kelly Hendershot

We are bringing back our Member of the Month and for the Month of May it is Kelly Hendershot!

Kelly has been a steadfast member of CrossFit Sanitas since May 2013. Kelly is a frequenter of the 10:30am and 12:30am WODs and has been one of the most consistent members in his 4 years at Sanitas. Kelly lives in Longmont with his wife and two kids and may in fact be a real life Superman, working at the Daily Camera by day… switching into his CrossFit gear for his lunchbreak… and then saving the world or something after that!

Over the past year, Kelly has fought back from an intensive knee surgery. He has been consistent and progressive in his recovery that has allowed him to start moving more weight, squat more consistently, and Rx workouts again.

How did you get started with CrossFit? What was the primary driving factor?

I started Crossfit because I wanted to feel like an athlete again.

Now I love going to Crossfit because of the people at the gym. It is the first time in my life that working out is “fun” and something I look forward to every day.

What are your goals for the upcoming 2017/2018 CrossFit year?

I want to become mentally tougher. I am good at pacing myself, but I want to become better at finishing sets without breaks.

What has been your biggest challenge since starting CrossFit?

It’s tough having a body that won’t do what it could 30 years ago. Understanding my limitations.

What is your favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

I love handstand pushups.

What is your least Favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

Thrusters are my arch nemesis. I find it hard to breath during long sets.

What advice can you give to those just starting out in CrossFit?

Give yourself a chance to succeed. Remind yourself that you can only be the best “you” everyday.

Lastly… what is your most memorable moment in Crossfit?

My First bar muscle up. I did it during this year’s Crossfit open… Then I proceeded to do 5 more!

“The Hendershot”

Sticking with our tradition of Member of the Month we have created a workout that targets both Kelly’s strengths and limitations. This workout will be performed on Wednesday May 24 in recognition of Kelly’s consistency and hard work!

3 Rounds For Time:
21 Cal Row
6 Thrusters at 135#/95#
3 Rope Climbs

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