March Member of the Month: Ryan Martin!

Who is Ryan Martin?!

Ryan Martin is that tall energetic and enthusiast guy that you see in the gym around the 8:30/9:30 hours and/or crushing the open workouts and judging like a mad man during Friday Night Lights. Ryan and his wife Jen joined Crossfit Sanitas in the fall of 2017 and have quickly endeared themselves into the CrossFit Sanitas community.  They are in the gym about 6x per week, and Ryan helped out a ton during our Tuff Love CrossFit competition and during the first three weeks of the open!

Member of the Month Questionnaire

1.  How’d you get started? I got started in Crossfit when my wife and I were dating 4 years ago.  At first, I was forbidden to go because it was something her and her girlfriend were doing together.  Haha!  When her friend went back to work she allowed me to try it and on my first day we were doing barbell overhead lunges and I had a whopping 55 lbs on the bar and went completely TIMBER right in front of her.  Like I didn’t stumble forward or backward.  I fell completely over on my left side.  She acted like she didn’t know me and let me pick myself up shamefully.
When I started I couldn’t do a single pull-up and was using scaled weights.  I’ve always wanted stronger shoulders and a chest that wasn’t concave.  So that was my initial draw, but it quickly shifted to wanting to be competitive on a daily basis.  As a former college basketball player it’s inevitable that my competitive nature would show up.
2.  Goals: My initial goal was to be in the top 200 in my age group in the region.  Last year, I was 292.  Currently, I’m in the top 100.  Areas I want to improve are overall strength with proper form, ring muscle ups and HSPUs.
3.  Biggest Challenge in CrossFit: Being 6’5 is a challenge on a lot of movements but not an excuse to not improve.
4.  Favorite Movement: The Snatch
5.  Least Favorite Movement: Burpees (I’m 6’5 dammit)
6.  Advice: Be patient where you are starting from and buy into the programming and process.  The days you are sore is the best feedback that your fitness is going to improve.  Commit to the number of days per week you are going to go to the gym and stick with it NO MATTER WHAT!  We started going 3 days per week and now are there at least 6 times a week.  (Yes Coach Elissa, we take rest days)
7.  Two great memories:
1.  Doing a competition with my wife, Jen, a couple of months ago and completing all workouts Rx and under the time caps.  We were the oldest couple and finished in the middle and remain happily married to this day.
2.  Getting married in Maui and working out everyday at Crossfit Lahaina.  Nothing like seeing the ocean as you run and throw weights around.  We’ve been to over 30 gyms all over the US and this is one of our favorites.

Member of the Month Workout

20min AMRAP
1972m Row Buy-In
In The Remaining Time
5 Power Snatch at 135/95
11 Burpee Box Jump Overs at 24/20
23 Wall Balls at 20/14

*Ryan’s Birthday is 5/11/1972 and his lucky number is 23. So putting this together we took some things he’s good at and mixed it with some things he’s not so good at. He is a tall guy, so rowing and wall balls should be his jam. He enjoys power snatches and does not enjoy burpees, let alone burpee box jump overs. Jen says Ryan often repeats himself, so this workout is an AMRAP.

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