June Member of the Month: Rory Korpela

Rory Korpela has been a member of CrossFit Sanitas for over 4 years now and is a staple of our early morning class times. Rory is known for his strength and contagious smile. He always seems like he is in a good mood entering the gym and an even better mood when he lives the gym. We are excited to have him as the June Member of the Month. Make sure to come in next Tuesday the 19th to celebrate Rory as Member of the Month!

1) How did you get started with CrossFit? What was the primary driving factor?

In July 2013, a job change brought me to Boulder from Denver. I was looking for something new, in a class environment with coaching, that I could learn and develop a set of skills in over a long period of time. Previously I’d trained at a martial arts school in Englewood for five years and had enjoyed a similar environment. I signed up for the 5:30am Basecamp that started the week after my new gig started and haven’t looked back since. Honestly, after seeing what Sanitas had to offer, I didn’t even check out another CrossFit box in Boulder or elsewhere.

2) What are your goals for the upcoming 2018 CrossFit year?

My two main goals for this year are to:
  • Get faster and increase my endurance. Being a bigger guy, weight lifting tends to be where I’m most comfortable. Enduring long punishing workouts, not so much.
  • Do my first competition (outside of the Open). I love to compete and have held myself out for far too long.

3) What has been your biggest challenge you have had to overcome since starting CrossFit?

I’d say the biggest challenge I’ve overcome to this point is gaining a foundational understanding of the technical aspects of the Olympic lifts such as the clean and the snatch. Last year, I took a seven week Olympic lifting class with Butts and that has significantly helped my growth and confidence in these lifts.

4) What is your favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

Without a doubt, squats. I love lifting heavy back squats and putting up big weight.

5) What is your least Favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

Running, especially for distance. Part of reaching goal #1 above is adding in 3-4 runs a week.

6) What advice can you give to those just starting out in CrossFit?

There are a few things I’d put out there:
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. There is a lot to learn in CrossFit; the sooner you really listen to the coaches and the more enthusiastically you embrace what the workouts have to throw at you, the sooner you’re going to start reaching your goals.
  • You can always do 1 more rep (or 2 or 3 or 4).
  • Be friendly and get to know your community. I love the workouts but the people are what keep me coming back.

7) Lastly… what is your most memorable moment in Crossfit?

There are a few that stick out but I’d have to go with the Open this last time around. I really enjoyed the Friday Night Lights format. There is nothing like being in the box when a large group of athletes are all going for it as hard as they can. The energy and the camaraderie were really fantastic.

8) Specific Questions for Creating your Workout!

  • Whats your birthday? 9-26-80
  • Whats your lucky number? 9
  • Do you like endurance style WODs or strength style WODs? I prefer the strength style wods.
  • AMRAPs or For Time?  I love them all but find that I like EMOM and AMRAP workouts the best.

Member of the Month Workout


On a 26min Clock
80 Wall Ball at 20#/14# Buy-In

3 Rounds of
400m Run
9 Front Squats at 185/125
26 Push-Ups

In the Remaining Time
Establish a 1RM Power Clean

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