June Member of the Month: Liati Huff

Our June Member of the Month is Liati Huff

Liati has been a member of CrossFit Sanitas ever since her 35th birthday. Her energy and enthusiasm is unmatched every time she enters the gym. She is a consistent member of the CrossFit Sanitas Strength class and has made huge strides over the past few years!

She is a Boulder Native and her name is actually an acronym for Love Is All There Is. She enjoys people watching, writing in coffee shops, and dancing anywhere — between sets, grocery stores, in her car, and of course on the dance floor. And of course, Liati loves hiking the trails around Boulder and enjoying all the wonderful outdoors that Colorado has to offer.

“I have lifted weights off and on throughout my life. It’s the one hobby that I have forever come back to. It’s also something that my dad and I would do together. It was a way that we connected not only as a mutual hobby, but on a much larger scale. It would spur philosophical conversations about life and spirituality and how those small “personal victories” that occur between one and a barbell translate into everyday life. Since my father passed this March, lifting and those little personal victories have become that much bigger for me. He was very much there with me during our most recent max out session. It was very special.” — Liati

1) How did you get started with CrossFit? What was the primary driving factor?

I took a free-for-first-timers CrossFit class years ago. It was so terrible and amazing that I fell in love with it. The only problem is that at the time I had just graduated massage school and had no money or clients to speak of, so a membership was out of the question until I built up my career.
My membership to Sanitas was my 35th birthday present to myself. I love that CrossFit considers everyone an athlete, as well as there being an opportunity to be coached. Those things, along with the fact that I can be competing against myself while being a part of a larger community are the main factors that drew me to CrossFit

2) What are your goals for the upcoming 2017/2018 CrossFit year?

On a physical level, I would like to get to and maintain a healthy body fat percentage. On a skill level, I want to master some basic body weight movements: standard push ups and pull ups. On a strength level I need to put some work into increasing my bench press. (Yes, I know, those are “fuzzy” goal–as in not specific. Specific goals just don’t work for me long term. I’m a quirky snowflake!)

3) What has been your biggest challenge you have had to overcome since starting CrossFit?

Having a physically demanding career that I’m passionate about means that I need to save some energy and not go HAM on all of my workouts. With that being said, I can’t let myself use that as an excuse to hold myself back from working on a skill that I don’t like or am not good at; or from breaking through a threshold. Learning that balance has been quite the challenge.

4) What is your favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

Squats and squats and squats and squats. All of them. Back, front and overhead. I also love barbell complexes. To name a specific workout, “Gut Check” has been one of my favorite workouts in a while.

5) What is your least Favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

Anything jumping: box jumps, jump overs, kneeling jumps. (There’s a video of a baby rhino that thinks it’s a goat and trying to jump like its little baby goat friend. I swear. I am that rhino.) Also, burpees, assault bike, and EMOMs

6) What advice can you give to those just starting out in CrossFit?

Lean in and embrace the suck of it. Don’t give precious energy to your brain by trying to negotiate with it. Just keep moving. Push yourself. But with that, especially with starting out, it’s important to have personal accountability for your own body and be smart about your limits. Also, get massages! 😉

7) Lastly… what is your most memorable moment in Crossfit?

In finding a 3RM Sumo Deadlift on one occasion. I was at 215lbs, and on the 3rd rep, I got stuck. Rather than succumbing to the lift, I held onto the barbell and refused to give up until I got the rep. That was the first time that I REALLY fought through a movement both mentally and physically. That was a huge turning point in my confidence in my ability.
The workout for Member of the Month for the Month of June is:


2min AMRAP
30 Overhead Squats at 95/65
Max Rep Burpees over the Bar
2min Rest

2min AMRAP
30 Front Squats at 135/95
Max Rep Burpees over the Bar
2min Rest

2min AMRAP
30 Back Squats at 155/105
Max Rep Burpees over the Bar

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