June Bottom of the Squat Challenge and May Challenge Winner!

During the month of May we worked on shoulders by completing the Crossover Symmetry Activation series and Iron-Scap routine as many days as possible. It was awesome to see how active everyone was at getting to the gym early to do the routine as well as staying after to finish up their workout. Even the 5:30am’ers were in the gym early completing the Crossover Symmetry routine.

Here are the results!

  1. Alexander Love: 18 Reps!
  2. Scott Jeffords: 14 Reps *wins tie break by doing 1 extra day even though total reps are same
  3. Lisa Stock: 14 Reps

June Bottom of the Squat Challenge

If you haven’t noticed, these challenges are all about what make you healthier, fitter, and feeling better in your daily life. This is why the June challenge will be about time at the bottom of the squat. It improves hip and ankle mobility along with improving your overall mechanics of your squat and limiting injury risk.

What does the challenge look like?

Every day there will be a workout labeled “Bottom of Squat” in the monthly challenge section of the day. Each day there will be a different variance to the squat challenge. Some days you will hold a KB in a pumpkin squat or goblet squat, even an overhead squat hold with a PVC pipe. Every second you hold in the squat will equal a rep. So, if you accumulate 1 minute, that will equal 60 reps. Expect to see a huge improvement in mobility if you are able to go over 5 minutes a day.

How do I participate in the challenge?

Just log those scores daily in Wodify and accumulate that time in the squat! Be sure to hit the RX button for your scoring to work.

Can I start at anytime?

Yes, you can start anytime during the month of June. The sooner the better and the more often the better!

Final notes

Our goal with these challenges is to get as many members involved as possible. The more the merrier, so let’s shoot for over 50 participants this month and see the results!!

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