Introducing Dr. Karen, Functional Medicine & Nutrition Specialist at CrossFit Sanitas

We’ve been looking for a Functional Medicine Practitioner for more than a year and we think we finally found the perfect fit. It was difficult to find someone that (1) knew how to use the best science-based testing and had a background in Functional Medicine, (2) had a Masters in Nutrition from a great program, and (3) was an athlete themselves and understood the specific issues that athletes face. We are very excited to announce that Dr. Karen Hufnagl, DC, MS is joining the Sanitas team.

About Dr. Karen

Dr. Karen Hufnagl, DC, MS has been in the functional and nutritional medicine field for more than 16 years. She specializes in getting to the root cause of issues with hormones, gut health, nutrition and weight. There’s no guessing. Dr. Karen uses the most cutting-edge, science-based testing to diagnose and personalize a treatment plan to put your whole body back in balance.

Her approach is rooted in her own journey through thyroid cancer, multiple hormone imbalances, poor gut health, and years of struggling with her weight. She obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 2000 and her Masters in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport in 2003. Bridgeport is widely recognized as one of the best and oldest nutrition programs in the country, and one of the only programs with a specific focus on Functional Medicine. Her background also includes pre-med and kinesiology. She continues with ongoing post-doctorate training and certifications, including functional endocrinology, functional medicine, women’s health, environmental medicine, and functional blood chemistry.

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