Intentional Programming: The What, The Why, and The Plan!

It is our goal here at CrossFit Sanitas to cultivate an environment of teaching, learning, community, and understanding. Our team is built around individuals that are constantly learning, experimenting, and implementing new ideas while maintaining an understanding for the foundations of fitness.

CrossFit is defined as “Constantly varied, functional fitness, at (relative) high intensity performed across broad time and modal domains.” What this means is that our programming is focused around general preparedness fitness and the development of physical traits that will allow you to run a 5k, hike Longs Peak, do a pull-up, handstand push-up, perform multiple reps at a bodyweight back squat and perform the olympic lifts with proper positions and speed. We strive to develop the fundamentals of human movement and layer complexity on top of those fundamentals. This allows you as members of Sanitas to develop greater physical potential than you ever thought possible. We believe in developing structure, form, and stability first, then adding on top of that, skills that can help you transfer that structure and strength into dynamic speed and power.

The Past 3 Months of Programming

Some of you may have noticed that there has been a little change and tweaking to the weekly programming over the past 3 months. All of our coaches come from a wide range of capabilities and perspectives, along with a huge repertoire of knowledge — so we designed an experiment to allow us to capitalize on their collective experience. We thought it would be a good idea to allow for that range of perspective and expertise to be expressed in our general programming to help break us out of old patterns and get a fresh look, give the coaches greater ownership over the gym’s direction, and provide greater variation to the overall structure of the programming month-to-month.

What we have noticed from our members is a greater need for transparency with the direction of the programming and the thought that goes behind it. What to expect going forward? What are our numbers for our percentages? What strength and aerobic progressions are we going through at the moment?, etc…

So here it is…

Programming Going Forward

The Sanitas team will be coming up with 6-week blocks of programming with clearly defined goals and progressions to allow you as members of the gym to accomplish three primary things: 1) continuing to make progress with your goals and overall fitness, 2) keeping you healthy and injury-free, and of course, 3) having fun!

The best program is the program that you stay the most consistent with and feel connected to. Because of this, I (Dwight) will be adding in office hours weekly, so that any members that wish to talk about the direction of programming or gym concerns in general can have an outlet to discuss anything you wish, so that we can keep getting better at meeting member needs. Stay tuned for more info on this, or email me directly at

Expect to see a blog post before the next 6-week progression with an overview of the goals, progressions, and focus for the next training block ahead!

Next week, the week of July 1st, we will be adding in some benchmark strength tests so you will all have some numbers to base our strength progressions off of. We haven’t tested those 1RMs for a while, so it’s about time we add those into the mix! Expect some fun conditioning tests as well. We got that 5k test in last week, so you might see a few others pop into the mix to get some measurable results that we can track and improve over time.

As always, if you have any questions, ask any of our coaches!


Dwight & The Sanitas Team

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