Improve Your CrossFit Gymnastics in this 8-Week Intensive Course, Begins Sep 19

Do you ever feel like you’ve either plateaued or that you have just started to get the hang of certain gymnastics movements and want to get better? In this 8-week course you will spend time developing strength in specific positions, progress into dynamic skill movements, and then progress into the high skill work. A new position is a weak position, so the goal of this course is to make you strong in the specific positions that will directly translate into gymnastics movements and movement efficiency.

Every class will have a warm-up portion, a skill/strength portion, and a “workout” that incorporates and reinforces what we doing that day. The workout structure will usually be accumulate x amount of reps in a certain time, tabata style, or EMOM style.

On Tuesdays we will focus on pulling strength, and on Thursdays we will focus on pressing strength.

Our main movement focuses for the course will be: Handstand Push-Ups & Handstand Walks, Pull-ups (kipping & butterfly), Toes to Bar, Dips, and Muscle Ups (ring & bar)


To ensure you get the most out of this program, please ensure you can comfortably complete the following movements:

  • 3 strict dips
  • 3 strict pull-ups
  • 15 second HS hold (with good position)
  • 4 second eccentric down to an abmat from a HS position


This course will begin on Tuesday, September 19th. We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30am.


Weeks 1-3: We will work on positional strength. We will be doing a lot of tempo work (timing the eccentric and concentric) as well of a lot of static holds. We will do this through a variety of drills and actual positions of the movements.

Weeks 4 & 5: We will build on the first three weeks and focus on dynamic movement work & higher skill work.

Weeks 6 & 7: We will focus on skill progressions & skill work for specific movements such as MU, butterfly pull-ups, HSPU & HS Walks, etc. and work on movement efficiency.

Week 8: Incorporating everything we’ve learned into testing the movements.

Cost for this course is $150 for members and will be capped at 10 people so sign up early!

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