*Important* Fridays at CrossFit Sanitas through March 24

As you may know, the 2017 CrossFit Open is underway not only at Sanitas, but across the globe! Fridays at the gym will be structured differently through March 24 while the Open is happening, so here are some important details to note.

Since this is a global competition, we’re turning Fridays into a full day competition within the gym complete with judging, scorecards, and most importantly, lots of food and drink every Friday night! We’ll also have lululemon providing awesome snacks, mobility and prizes throughout the Open!

For ALL Members: Whether You’re Doing the Open or Not

  • Instead of typical class times on Fridays (and Fridays only), we’ll be running workouts in “Heats” throughout the day for everyone to perform the Open workouts each week.
  • These heats will still be completed within a 1-hour time period and will include warm-up, instruction, scaling, WOD, and mobility.
  • You will also “judge” an athlete in the next heat during this hour. This simply means counting reps for another athlete so they can feel the full experience of being a part of a competition!
  • You will sign up for heat times here. Again, EVERYONE will sign up for a heat time if you plan on working out on a Friday.
  • You will do this for every single Friday during the Open. Your spot will not be saved week to week so please re-signup each week.

For Athletes Registered for the Open

  • We will be screening the announcements of each Open workout every Thursday night at 6pm
  • After you’ve completed the workout, you are responsible for submitting your score at Games.CrossFit.com
  • You will login to your account using the info you registered with.
  • You must submit your score each week by 6pm MST Monday or else it will not be counted. They are very strict about this and won’t provide any exceptions. EVER.
  • Sanitas will “verify” your score after you’ve submitted it each week so that you can officially be ranked amongst the 300,000+ other CrossFitters around the world competing in the Open.
  • Once again, make sure you sign up for a Heat Time each and every week.
  • You are welcome to complete the Open workout any time before the deadline, but if you need a judge, do your best to arrange for a friend to judge you.

After March 24th, everything goes back to normal on Fridays!

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