A Great Start to Another 5 Years for Boulder’s CrossFit Sanitas

You’ve surely noticed all the recent improvements and renovations in the gym and with that, we wanted to announce we’ve signed our lease for another 5 years! So get ready to join us on our journey toward a full decade of improved health and fitness in Boulder, CO. We based our improvements on your responses to our spring survey…so thank you for the feedback.

Here’s a list of highlights from this summer’s improvements:

  • Replaced Dwight’s Office with More Workout Space
  • Fixed Air Bubbles in Main Floor (scroll down to see why we cannot fix the bumps on the edges of the floor)
  • Addition of Third Rig for Squats and Gymnastics
  • 40 New Jump Ropes, Color-Coded for Easy Sizing
  • 6 New AirDyne Bikes
  • 6 New Pull-Up Bars Mounted Over Crossover Symmetry Systems
  • Replaced Damaged Drywall with Concrete for Sturdier Surface for Handstand Push-Ups
  • New Carpet in the Kids Room (Coming Oct. 19th!)
  • New and Repaired Grout in the Showers
  • Replaced Broken Baseboards Under Lockers
  • Improved Organization of Equipment Around Gym
  • (This one didn’t work but we tried!) Pre-Made Recovery Smoothies
  • Extra Freezer for Locavore Delivery
  • Hiring a High-Level Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner


So Why Is The Center of The Gym Floor Raised Up?

Who knows what you’ve heard over the years, but it’s not because of the flood nor relentless groundhogs trying to get their fitness on…

Before this space was turned into CrossFit Sanitas, it was a store that sold tons of stuff, including flooring. They used the center of the floor to display the flooring they sold. To do this, a section of the concrete floor was cut away to make it slightly lower so that when they installed the demo versions of the floor, it would be a smoother transition, rather than a raised area. To level the floor, our only option was to use plywood that is slightly higher than the rest of floor, because filling it with any moldable substance like concrete would be too thin and would simply crumble under the dropping of barbells.

So there ya go!

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