Go-Kart Fun w/ the Coaches at Unser Racing!

YES! I’ve been trying to make this event happen for a year and now it’s finally here! If you’ve never been to Unser Racing, just imagine those go-karts you would ride as a kid, and turn it up to 11! These things require motorcycle helmets because they can go over 50mph on straightaways. Take this as an opportunity to challenge one of the coaches to some non-fitness competition for once!

  • What: Up to 3 full races for everyone that attends.
  • When: July 13th, 4pm – 6pm
  • Where: Unser Racing in Denver. Click here for the location.
  • Why: Umm super fast go-karts?
  • How: We have 12 spots available + coaches. Register below or add your name to this list to reserve your spot.
    • Sanitas is covering a portion of the normal cost of $74. You’ll pay just $40 for 3 full races!
    • If you add your name but can’t make it, please remove it before July 8th or you’re stuck with it.
  • Questions? Email Tom@CrossFitSanitas.com

Reserve Your Spot Here

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