Get to Know: Caleb Sanderson

Caleb Sanderson, LMT

We recently welcomed a new massage therapist to our staff. Get to know Caleb Sanderson, LMT!

1. What made you get into body work?

I’ve always had a fascination for the human body, how it works and heals itself. The body is a beautifully constructed machine that also has this intangible factor of consciousness mixed in, and massage is a way to interact with people’s bodies and minds as a unified entity, and see what’s going on with them in all of its breadth and complexity.

One of the major things I feel is missing from our health care is a unified view of the individual that is geared toward facilitating health and preventing injuries before they happen. I think massage and other body work is a great step toward filling that gap in our health care.


Massage at CrossFit Sanitas

2. Where did you study?       

I studied at a small program called Healing Spirits located here in Boulder.


3. What are your specialty areas?         

I really enjoy doing specific work aimed at decreasing pain and improving range of motion and functionality in a specific area. I also enjoy doing sports-recovery style work that focuses on increasing blood flow to and flushing out tissues, as well as promoting relaxation to kick-start the rest/digest/re-grow processes facilitated by the parasympathetic nervous system.


4. Who do you like to work with?         

I like to work with anyone who’s curious about their own body and is willing to put in a little effort to help their body function better. Working with active, athletic people is particularly rewarding, because they know that their body is capable and can adapt and overcome obstacle and injury. That mentality in of itself makes my job way more satisfying and fun.

5. What’s your approach to fitness?     

I love that fitness has both mental and physical aspects. Even though you don’t choose the body you are born into, you do choose what you train it to be able to do. To me, that’s incredibly inspiring and gives me a sense of agency. In the end, most fitness goals come down to whether you’re willing to put in the right amount of effort over a long enough time without quitting or hurting yourself.

I love especially love Crossfit because it places a huge emphasis on mental toughness, and includes anyone who’s willing to try hard and push themselves consistently.


6. Is there anything folks should know about you as a therapist?           

I try to approach people I work with with as few preconceptions as possible, and to build a picture of what might be going on by exploring and collecting data. Bodywork is a collaborative relationship, and it’s important to be curious and keep lines of communication open and honest. I always want my clients to feel heard and acknowledged, which makes the experience better for everyone.

I am also always trying to learn and exchange ideas, so anyone who wants to talk about anatomy, biology, exercise science, kinesiology and beyond, please feel free to approach me and start a conversation.


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