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  • BaseCamp is our introductory program that starts every week. Join a small group of beginners for 6 classes over 2 weeks to learn everything you’ll need to know to jump into our regular classes. No experience necessary. Sign up and check the schedule below.
  • You’ll get access to 90+ classes weekly during your 1st month included with BaseCamp.
  • Learn about fitness, nutrition, and recovery.
  • Free childcare is available during the 8:30a BaseCamp ($5 after BaseCamp).
  • Cost is $135 for your 1st month ($11/class at 3x/week).
  • Unlimited Open Gym Hours. No need to limit yourself to just scheduled classes!

BaseCamp Schedule

Series Days Times
June 5 – June 15 Mon, Tue, Thu 8:30am Book Now
June 12 – June 22 Mon, Tue, Thu 6:30am Book Now
June 12 – June 22 Mon, Tue, Thu 6:30pm Book Now
June 19 – June 29 Mon, Tue, Thu 12:30pm Book Now

*8:30am sessions have free childcare!*

Google-Review-Original-CrossFit-Sanitas-Boulder Read a few member stories below!

Boulder CrossFit Sanitas reviewsThe first day of BaseCamp was so hard. It was the worst day of my life and the best day of my life. I remember crying after my first class in the parking lot. No more excuses, I was going to start taking care of myself.

Since I started at CrossFit Sanitas, I’ve lost 40 lbs. I can run, the chronic pain in my knees is gone and my cough is gone. Now I know what it feels like to be healthy and it feels really good…I don’t want to lose that feeling. — Sandy B., CrossFit Sanitas Member since April 2015

Boulder CrossFit Sanitas reviews jayAfter 6 months of a primarily Crossfit-centric workout regimen, I was able to reduce my 56 mile bike split by over 20 minutes.  But that pales in comparison to the results I’ve seen in overall health, strength and fitness since starting Crossfit, thanks in large part to the heavy focus on healthy eating in Crossfit in general and at Crossfit Sanitas specifically.  None of that would be possible, though, without the amazingly supportive and close-knit community that has evolved at Crossfit Sanitas and keeps people coming back. — Jay K., CrossFit Sanitas Member since March 2013

Boulder CrossFit Sanitas reviews suziNo other gym has what Sanitas offers. This is a true community. You are greeted at the door every time you walk in and you feel like you’re part of something. We all encourage each other to be better. There’s no other place like CrossFit Sanitas. I am celebrating my one-year anniversary at CrossFit Sanitas this month. Joining Sanitas has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s life changing. This place is special. — Suzi Brown, CrossFit Sanitas Member since Oct. 2014

Boulder CrossFit Sanitas reviews kristinCrossFit is the fountain of youth! I was concerned about losing strength and fitness as I aged; however, I am stronger than ever and my overall fitness level at age 46 continues to improve thanks to Sanitas. I can’t remember ever having so much fun in the gym! — Kristin B., CrossFit Sanitas Member since Jan. 2013

craig heisner crossfit sanitasI’ve been to a lot of crossfit gyms across the country and this one is by far the best. Here’s why. A lot goes into the programming of the workouts. A true warmup that includes skill work moves into a pure skill phase and culminates in the WOD and stretching – there is no standing around. The coaches are personable, knowledgeable and are highly engaged in every workout. They are there to teach, challenge, and encourage every athlete of every level. — Craig H. CrossFit Sanitas Member since June 2014

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Can I Try a Class First?

You sure can! Click here to schedule your free first class.


1ST MONTH (includes Intro Series) $135
DROP-IN: $25
10% discount for first responders, military, and full-time teachers/students with valid ID
*Requires autopay on credit card. No enrollment fee or annual contract required.
** Expires 2 months after purchase.