Functional Movement Screen (FMS) in Boulder

Functional Movement Screens are great if you find that you’re having chronic trouble with the same shoulder, elbow, knee, etc.Identifying movement limitations or deficiencies before they become problematic can be vital in reducing risk of injury. Functional movement exercises can do wonders for re-establishing balance.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) consists of 7 distinct tests to evaluate movement patterns and asymmetries, providing insight into mechanical restrictions and potential risk for injury. The test is scored from 0-21, and studies have shown that scores below 14 are correlated with a 50% higher risk of injury, which makes the FMS an invaluable tool to help define and develop a program addressing asymmetries and areas of deficiency that might lead to injury.

Here’s what you get with your screen:

  • Functional Movement & Posture Screen
    • Digital Posture Analysis
    • Video Analysis of Movement Patterns
    • Neurokinetic Therapy (muscle testing)
    • Quantitative Score so you can easily track progress
    • Active Release Techniques
  • 4 Week Corrective Exercise Rx with access to video instruction
  • 60-Minute Therapeutic Massage

Book Now – $130

Additional FMS Options

Private Mobility Session + Corrective Exercise Program $75

Spend 60 minutes identifying and mobilizing your tight areas and imbalances. Leave with corrective exercises that you can do on your own to further improve these imbalances.

Book Now – $75