Final Details for The Clean Challenge – Sign Up by Friday Night

We have 95 members signed up for The Clean Challenge that starts next week.  Don’t miss out…sign up by tonight!  We’ve had a lot of questions, so we’re providing the details here.

 Why should I do this?

  • Improved fitness
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Lower body fat
  • Enhanced emotional well-being (no sugar highs and lows)
  • Reduced inflammation (better digestion, clearer skin, lessened allergies, etc.)

We saw the results in April and it’s time to make it happen again. We collectively lost 400lbs of body fat and most participants incorporated several aspects into their ongoing lifestyles.

How does it work?
images-1You publicly commit to do the following for 4 weeks:

  • Eat a clean diet (non-inflammatory whole foods with balanced proteins/fats/carbs)
  • Take before/after body fat and lean mass measurements (before dunk tank testing is Sept. 22/23 and After will be Oct. 20/21.)
  • Take before/after photos (optional but highly recommended – we can do this with your phone or we have a camera onsite in one of the massage rooms)
  • Meet your team and coach – you will compete as individuals and as part of a team for prizes and we will assign teams based on the class time you usually attend
  • Participate in 3 fitness tests – don’t worry if you miss one, but the more you complete the more points you can earn when we retest 4 weeks later 
  • Workout 4-5x/week
  • Keep a daily log/scorecard of your Clean Challenge points (see link to scorecard below)
  • Cut out alcohol, juice and soda, processed foods, grains and other inflammatory foods (list is provided on the scorecard)
  • Try to sleep 7+ hours/night

Okay, but exactly how do I do that?

  • PP_GuideToPaleoPantry-237x300Make a plan – get your kitchen/pantry, etc. ready and come up with a meal plan.  Please visit our pinterest page and blog for lots of healthy recipes.  Check the blog throughout the month for recipes, resources and other helpful tips.  We will also have several of our food purveyors at the nutrition seminar to hand out samples, answer questions, etc.
  • Set your baseline goals – pick up your scorecard at the front desk beginning Friday. We’ll spend the first 15 minutes of the WOD on Monday setting baseline goals and doing the first baseline workout.  Support your teammates – share recipes, inspiration, etc.  
  • We will retest the fitness tests and body fat scans after 4 weeks.  

How do I earn points?

  • Eating – 5 points/day
    • 1 point for each completely clean meal (up to 3 daily)
    • 2 points for healthy snacks (this is where most people blow it, so plan ahead and try to keep snacking to 2x/day because your body won’t get better at burning fat if you’re grazing all day)
  • Drinking – 1 point/day
    • 1 point for each day with no alcohol, soda or other drinks that taste sweet (especially artificial sweeteners), but coffee and tea in moderation are ok.  Note, even though it’s just one point, please don’t drink a bunch of diet coke and red wine throughout the challenge…there’s not better way to sabotage your results.  
  • Exercise & Recovery
    • 2 points for each day with a CrossFit workout (max of 10/week)
    • 1 point for each day with a non-CrossFit workout
    • 2 points for each recovery day (please take at least 2 of these per week – a light hike, some yoga at The Little Yoga Studio, etc.)
  • Sleep
    • 1 point for >7 hours of sleep (naps count).  This is often underestimated and plays a huge role in regulating hormones and fat accumulation.
  • Fitness Test Improvements
    • We’ll run 3 fitness tests (MWF of the first week) and then we’ll retest after 4 weeks and your improvements will translate into points that are added to your score.
  • Body Fat / Lean Mass % Change
    • Depending on your goal, these changes will be calculated and translated into points.  
  • What are the prizes?
    • Personal training, BaseCamp gift cards for a friend, Paleo packs from Locavore, massages, etc.

Please see our 18-page Clean Challenge Overview here.  It’s packed with information on hormones, fats, what to eat, eating on a budget, good restaurant options around Boulder, the effects of grains and dairy, when to eat, snacking, the effects of sleep, and much more.  

We will be handing out scorecards at the 3-hour Nutrition Seminar on Sunday night and all day Monday, but you can take a sneak peak at the scorecard here.

Still not convinced?  Check out some member success stories here.