Feeling Stuck? A Personal Training Session May Be the Answer

Do any of these examples describe you?

  • You are freshly out of BaseCamp and workouts are still a bit confusing and may be overwhelming to hop into the main class.
  • You have been in CrossFit for a couple of years, you are totally comfortable in classes but there are instances when you wish there was more time to spend on a specific skill or movement in class.
  • You are a seasoned vet of the main classes but you have some specific movements or weaknesses that you have neglected to master before you start tackling your next goal of a local competition…

Let’s just say, you’re not alone. In each of these scenarios, I would still encourage you to continue to attend the main classes but there is another option that is an awesome tool that is wildly underutilized; one-on-one sessions with a coach.

I know you don’t always have an hour to spare in your day to make it to an hour-long session. Consider a 30-45 minute session with a coach to get quality skill-work and a great workout in with one of your highly trained (and super fun) coaches.

Personal training in conjunction with attending classes is a great way to continue enjoying the awesome benefits of working out with your community while also getting the added individual attention you need. As members of CrossFit Sanitas, you get a discounted rate for personal training sessions with any of the coaches. This is a HUGE bonus of your membership as personal training time can often cost upwards of $95/hour.

If you are interested in learning more, visit our Custom Coaching page or reachout to any of the coaches. We are ready and willing to help you become the best version of yourself!

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