February Member of the Month: Lisa Doman

Lisa Doman is our February Member of the Month. She’s been with Sanitas for over 2 years, and in that time has made leaps and bounds in her fitness level. She brings an attitude of fun and excitement to workouts, along with a contagious level of competitiveness. We can’t imagine the gym without her, and feel lucky to have her here day in and day out.


You can usually find Lisa jumping into any workout that starts 5:30pm or later. She does the main WOD, endurance, strength class, and competitor class. Over the last couple years, she has focused heavily on form/mechanics, helping her build up volume and intensity.

We asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better as well as see what CrossFit Sanitas has meant to her.


1) How did you get started with CrossFit?

Kyle and I had been doing the usual gym routine for years, and it had started to feel quite stale. We were doing the exact same things every week, not making any noticeable progress, and not having much fun with it. So we were looking for a way to shake things up and push us in ways we hadn’t been pushing ourselves on our own. The primary factor, however, was that we really wanted to find a new community of like-minded people who we hoped would turn into close friends. By joining CrossFit Sanitas, we achieved all of those goals far beyond what we had hoped.


2) What are your goals for the upcoming year?

  • 25 ft. unbroken handstand walk
  • 5 unbroken bar muscle-ups
  • Improvement on butterfly pull-ups


3) What has been your biggest challenge you have had to overcome in CrossFit?

This may sound a little nuts, but maintaining a good life-to-CrossFit balance. Once we started CrossFit, it sucked me in hard and fast. I absolutely love it. Being someone that also has a pretty time-demanding and stressful job, I spend nearly all of the little time I have outside of work at CrossfFit Sanitas. In the beginning, I wanted to spend all my time there because there were so many skills to learn! There was so much strength and endurance to be gained!
Still, I am obsessed with getting those last few skills that I have yet to master while still maintaining all the strength and endurance I’ve gained in the last 2 years. That requires time and dedication. The bright side of this problem is that my husband has drank the Kool-Aid too, so we’re always out there learning and working hard together.


4) What is your favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

The snatch


5) What is your least Favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?



6) What advice can you give to those just starting out in CrossFit?

You’ve already overcome the hardest part of deciding to start CrossFit, which is having the courage to walk through that front door for the first time. So now, in order to “get” many of the CrossFit skills, it’s all about consistency and some good old-fashion try-hard effort. I remember when I thought I would NEVER get double-unders. The reality is that I likely wouldn’t have had I stopped trying. But I kept trying, kept tripping, and kept smacking and stinging myself with that dang rope. Then one day, I could consistently get 7-8 reps, and then after more effort, almost 20. Now my PR is 120 unbroken. So in sum, my advice is to just keep trying – that’s the only way you’ll ever improve in this sport.


7) What is your most memorable moment in Crossfit?

My most memorable moment is when I was competing in Sanitas’ Monster Mash competition this past fall. As many Sanitas-goers may know, Annie Tuck and I have become very close friends. She and I train together almost every day, and we’re very comparable in skill, endurance, and strength (well, she’s definitely stronger than me, ugh!), and we were competing against one another at Monster Mash. It was the very first event of the competition, and were right next to each other. It was a fast rowing and dumbbell snatch workout for time, and we literally finished at the exact same time TO THE SECOND. There are photos of us racing to the finish on the rower with Antonio standing back behind both of us watching with approval. I love those photos, and I loved that moment. We tied for second place on that workout.