What if I’m too inactive/old/overweight (insert other excuse here) for CrossFit?

You are not too inactive/old/overweight!  At CrossFit Sanitas, our hallmark is inclusiveness, and we make no judgments, except to applaud you for your courage in walking in the door.  We love to welcome people who have been discouraged by other fitness programs. Our coaches have trained seventy year-olds, helped people crack the 300 pound barrier for the first time, you name it. Regardless of where you are starting, we will meet you right where you are and accompany you on your journey to fitness.  If you don’t feel comfortable joining in the group “Beginners’ BaseCamp” series, drop us an email to schedule some time for a 1:1 consultation. Just show up. We’ll take it from there!

“I don’t want to get too bulky” Will lifting weights make me big and muscular?

We hear this not only from women who “don’t want to look like men,” but many endurance athletes, as well. The truth is, lifting weights will make you strong, not bulky. Your body composition will change; you’ll burn more fat to build more muscle; and you’ll feel more powerful in your own body. To gain significant weight, you’ll need to not only lift very heavy multiple days a week, but you’ll need to eat well into the 3,000+ calorie range every day. It’s a very conscious effort to “get bulky,” so don’t fret!

Isn’t CrossFit dangerous?

Life without CrossFit is dangerous! Our mission is to make our members less susceptible to injury, illness and disease throughout their lives. Within months of joining us, you should see fat loss, muscle gain and other measurable improvements in your health.  Over time, you will see improvements in key biomarkers such as triglycerides, fasting blood glucose and blood pressure. We have helped athletes reduce and eliminate dependence on insulin, statins, and other prescription meds. We do this by training your body to move, eat and recover the way it was meant to. As with any sport, CrossFit injuries do happen. However, they are more
than offset by CrossFit’s health benefits.

How does CrossFit compare to personal training at my current gym?

CrossFit was developed specifically to be more effective, more fun and less expensive than personal training. And you will be amazed by how much more quickly CrossFit delivers results, as a result of its constantly-varied, high-intensity group classes with expert coaching and a supportive community. Yet 5 sessions/week of CrossFit costs 30% less than just 1 session/week of Personal Training.

How much does CrossFit cost?

Your first month will cost just $149. This will give you a great sense of CrossFit’s superior value compared to other fitness programs.  After the first month, most members opt for the Monthly Unlimited Membership, which gives you unrestricted access to over 90 classes/week for $210/month. This represents less than $9/class @ 5x/week.

Can I benefit from CrossFit if I plan to stay focused on my primary sport?

CrossFit has proven extremely effective at enhancing sport-specific performance, which has led to its growing adoption in the fitness world across a wide range of disciplines. In fact, our CrossFit Endurance classes are specifically programmed to reduce overuse injuries and improve performance for competitive endurance athletes. We offer a discounted monthly membership for athletes who would like to join us just 2x/week as an enhancement to their core sport.

What makes CrossFit Sanitas different than other local CrossFit gyms?

CrossFit Sanitas was launched with the specific mission of making CrossFit accessible to busy Boulder professionals.  Some of our key differentiators are:

  • A great new-member experience
  • A central location in Boulder’s busiest retail shopping center
  • No advance reservations required
  • A brand-new, beautiful 10,000 sq ft facility
  • World-class member services and support
  • Classes held seven days/week
  • Locker rooms, massage, cold plunge pool, and great snacks and gear
  • CrossFit Endurance classes for runners, bikers and swimmers
  • Childcare

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