Cut Body Fat and Build Lean Muscle with CrossFit Sanitas' Clean Challenge

Winning Clean30 Team


CrossFit Sanitas members shed over 400 pounds of body fat in just 30 days as part of our first Clean Challenge back in April.  More importantly dozens of members made permanent healthy changes to their lifestyles based on what worked for them. This time we’ve made it bigger and better with a hydrostatic body fat testing dunk tank and a 3-hour nutrition seminar to arm you with the knowledge you need to make lasting changes and achieve your goals.  

Some success stories from our last Clean Challenge in April
I have always struggled with my weight and have tried a myriad of diets. The paleo diet has been absolutely wonderful and the most sustainable nutrition plan I have ever encountered. Since April 1, 2013 I have lost over 40 lbs! — Kelly L.

The Clean 30 Challenge in April was one of the most pivotal aspects of my journey.  In just 30 days I lost nearly 5% body fat!  My energy levels were far better than I ever felt on any cleanse and it actually was so simple and easy!  The sense of community and overall supportive vibe at CrossFit Sanitas is reason enough to show up!!  — Kerri S.

During the Clean Challenge, I lost 4% body fat in 1 month. I recently achieved what seemed like an unachievable goal of deadlifting and squatting 300lbs. I’m getting better, stronger and sexier, and at my age that’s an amazing feeling. — Eric C.

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BODY FAT DUNK TANK: The festivities kick off on Sept. 15th with the gold standard of lean body mass and body fat testing. After a 15-minute session with Rosanne, which includes a dunk in her private, mobile hydrostatic tank, you’ll get a 4 page printout detailing:

  • Where you are, 
  • Where you should be, 
  • What it will take to get there, and
  • Your resting metabolic rate and caloric burn.

 Hydrostatic Bodyfat Test        Hydrostatic Bodyfat

The tank will be parked out front for two days (15th and 16th).  Upon sign up, we’ll send you a link to reserve your 15-minute slot. Time slot availability is on a first-come-first-served basis, so sign up today to get your most convenient time.  

“After” body fat testing will likely take place on October 13/14. Rosanne will definitely be back several times annually, so this provides an excellent opportunity to set a baseline for the future. For more information visit or watch this video.

NUTRITION SEMINAR: On September 15th at 6p, Sanitas hosts renowned evolutionary nutritionist Heather Kelly for a 3 hour seminar to help you achieve your goals.  , whether they be cutting excess body fat, reducing inflammation or optimizing performance. Heather will cover the most effective ways to cut excess body fat, reduce inflammation and optimize performance.  She will also cover the importance of gut health, the implications of stress, the psychology of eating, what to eat, when to eat and much more. Knowledge is key in achieving optimal health and you will walk away from this informative seminar set-up for success!


THE CHALLENGE: On September 16th you’ll be assigned to a team based on when you’re most likely to workout. Each team will have a coach and can elect a team captain. You’ll set goals and support each other in maximizing points for nutrition, sleep, workouts and recovery.  You’ll compete on an individual and team basss for prizes like free massages, paleo packs, personal training sessions, free BaseCamps for a friend, etc.    

Winning Clean30 Team
Winning Clean Challenge Team from April

How does it work? You publicly commit to doing the following for 4 weeks starting September 16th:

  • Eat a clean diet (non-inflammatory whole foods with balanced protein/fats/carbs)
  • Take before/after body fat/lean mass scan (2 options – gold standard hydrostatic dunk tank or one of the coaches can scan you with our ultrasound scanner)
  • Take before/after photos (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Participate in the start/finish benchmark fitness tests
  • Workout 4-5x/week
  • Keep a daily log/scorecard of your “Clean Challenge Points”

THE SUCCESS CELEBRATION:  We’ll finish up in mid-October with a BBQ and prizes for the winning team and individuals.

Clean30 BBQ

We have negotiated with our vendors to offer you the full package for just $125 (a $164 value).   While we highly recommend both the nutrition seminar and hydrostatic test to optimize your Clean Challenge, you can choose to skip these and do the Challenge for just $25. Scheduling your body fat test will be on a first-come-first-scheduled basis, so sign up today to get your most convenient time.

Clean Challenge Only — $25

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Clean Challenge + Nutrition Seminar + Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing
$125 (a $164 value)

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View our detailed 18 page Challenge Overview.  

It includes an overview of what to eat/avoid, prizes, meal plans, an explanation of the importance of hormones and links to tons of online resources and recipes…including our CrossFit Sanitas Pinterest page and Clean Eating Community Group on Facebook (tons of recipes and inspiration).

Clean 30 Challenge Guide To Success