CrossFit Sanitas Weekly Preview

Taking a Look Ahead and How to Use the Weekly Preview

This is the first post of this type and is aimed at allowing you to better understand the week by giving you a glimpse of the upcoming programming for the week.  For those that look at this and automatically take it as an easy way to avoid the skills that you are not great at, I would suggest doing the exact opposite. Start to fall in love with the process of getting good at the things that you struggle with.

Understand that by challenging yourself and struggling through some workouts that don’t necessarily fall into your comfort zone you can reach greater potential across the board. You will see benefits that you didn’t even think about.

  1. Better mobility and core strength by tackling those overhead squat workouts.
  2. Increased aerobic capacity and ability to go harder and faster at shorter workouts by going long on our endurance days.
  3. Ability to maintain pace better on runs/bike rides/hikes/swims by increasing moment economy through strength training and interval training days.
  4. Stronger and healthier shoulders on strict gymnastic strength days.
  5. The list goes on…

For those that might have some tweaks here and there, this weekly preview will help you know which works will be good for you and which workouts you might want to scale down in order to let your body repair and get stronger without overdoing it.

The Weekly Outlook

Monday: Upper Body Vertical Pressing Strength Day with a Gymnastics focused Metcon. Expect Pull-Ups and Handstand Push-Ups (Reminder that Classes are 7:30am through 12:30pm today due to labor day)

Tuesday: Lower Body Strength work and Control through some tempo squats. We are also testing out a gymnastic benchmark and mono-structural (Cardio Movements) benchmark today.

Wednesday: Weightlifting and Core Focused Metcon Day (Think interval training (Work:Rest, 3:2))

Thursday: Power Snatch Day (Practice, Practice, Practice) We will be drilling home positions and specifically focusing on pulling from the floor.

Friday: A Hero Workout Triplet 21-15-9 Style (Expect Overhead Squats today: Sub will be front squats so don’t shy away if you can’t go overhead right now)

Saturday: A Fun Partner Chipper with some odd object work

Sunday: Posterior Chain and Body Building Work

Have a great week and a wonderful Labor Day!!

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