CrossFit Sanitas Weekly Preview (09.11.17-09.17.17)

The Weekly Outlook

Monday: Starting the Week off with some Volume Back Squats and an EMOM with Overhead Squats, Rowing, and Strict Pull-Ups. Idea here is to start off the week with something challenging, but focus is not on finishing fast in the time domain, but more about consistent reps and strong movement patterns.

Tuesday: Gymnastics Pressing Strength Day: Fun style of workout today where you have to finish a set rep count as fast as possible, but E2MOM you will have to complete a set workload of another 2 movements.

Wednesday: Weightlifting Focus (The Clean) We will be working on going heavy on a complex today.

Thursday: Interval Day and Pull-Up Volume Day (Interval work as 5x2min on/1min off) We will also be practicing double unders and working on developing a better kipping pull-up or working on butterfly pull-ups.

Friday: Benchmark Friday
5 Rounds for Time
400m Run
30 Box Jumps at 24”/20”
30 Wall Balls at 20”/14′

Saturday: A Team conveyer belt style workout where there is managed workload and rest between partners. We will be deadlifting and working on Handstand pushups.

Sunday: Bench Press Day and Upper Back Accessory Strengthening exercises


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and have a wonderful rest of your week!!

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