CrossFit Sanitas Track Practice Returns March 27

Coach-led track sessions at Centennial Middle School begin this week on Wednesdays at 6:30am and Saturdays at 8am. If you have running-based goals for 2019, or you simply want to improve this part of your fitness, try adding these sessions into your weekly training — or just join for an outdoor workout now and then!

Below are the dates and races we are training for during the spring and summer of 2019! You can sign up for one or all of these to use as motivation and benchmarks for your training.


Wednesday Focus

On Wednesdays we will be doing a progression from longer intervals at a more moderate pace into shorter intervals at faster paces. We will vary the rest on these intervals to allow you to build pace and teach your body how to recover faster and hold paces longer.

Saturday Focus

On Saturdays we’ll be doing more specific speed work on the track, progressing from short hard bursts with lots of rest and building to longer intervals. The work-to-rest ratio on this day will be heavily in favor of the rest, but each interval is meant to build speed and top-end work capacity.

Sunday Suggestion

On Sunday, go for a long run. This should be a long hilly run, a long tempo run, or some mixture.

Join us on the track Wednesdays and Saturdays all season! Email with any questions or to sign up for a free class.

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