CrossFit Sanitas Represents Boulder at Regionals Qualifier

A lot of us forget about the competition side of CrossFit. The part of CrossFit that requires hours of additional training beyond the WODs, constant focus on nutrition and mobility, and a mentality that drives you to train harder and smarter each and every day all year long.

The CrossFit Sanitas Team has qualified to compete at CrossFit Regionals in San Antonio, TX. What does that mean?

During the CrossFit Open, the CrossFit Sanitas Team placed 6th in the South West Region, and 2nd in the state of Colorado. As a team, they came together and chose the final 6 athletes that would ultimately compete at Regionals based on the events that were announced. This was a time for great humility, as it was a time for stepping away from their individual egos, and time to consider what would be best for the team as a whole!

CrossFit Sanitas and teams from all across the southern United States and Latin America will compete in 6 events over 3 days starting this Friday. We’ll be live streaming the events during gym hours near the front desk, or you can watch them on your own at We will post their heat times below the moment we know them, so keep checking back here for updates.

Join us in sending these incredibly hard-working athletes off with all the high-fives, fitaids, and words of encouragement we can muster!

The final roster is:

  • Antonio Pestello
  • Dwight Upshaw
  • Matt Slaughter
  • Rachel Carande
  • Corinna Coffin
  • Elisa Schauer

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