The CrossFit Sanitas Pull-Up Challenge

The Challenge

Alright Crew!

We have been doing some fun monthly challenges recently, and I am sure a lot of you are enjoying the extra core work this month. I will be announcing a winner in the first week of March after I tally up all the scores, but in the mean time, you might want to get yourself ready and maybe buy a pull-up bar for the house.

I am excited about the March challenge because getting better at pull-ups was on the list of 2020 goals for a lot of you. We also know that building pull-up strength builds greater shoulder stability and durability overall, so we are going to challenge you all to put in some extra work every day and bang out some pull-ups.

This challenge is simple: Everyday, the component will just say strict pull-ups and you will input score just like any other challenge. I will update the scores in a spreadsheet daily and at the end of each week I will update the Sanitas Crew on everyone’s totals so you can know where you stand and where your competition stands.

What Reps Count?

Only Full Strict Pull-Ups Count! Full extension at the bottom and chin over the bar at the top.

What will you win?

Bragging Rights!
Amazing Back Muscles!
Stronger Shoulders!

a free massage for the male and female winners of the challenge.

Social Media

For those that want to be blasted out on our social media channels use the #sanitaspullupchallenge and we will be posting daily with those putting in the work!

Goal Rep Counts

Just as an idea for possible winning numbers and what that will look like.
*1000 Pull-Ups in the month of March would be 32.26 Pull-Ups a Day so finishing between 32-33 everyday would put you in line with a very huge achievement.
*750 Pull-Ups in the month would be roughly 24 Pull-Ups a day
*500 Pull-Ups in a month would be roughly 16 Pull-Ups a day

A special note about volume

If you have not been doing a lot of volume on pull-ups or have just started CrossFit this would be a perfect time to work on your pull-ups, but not put in the high volume reps over the course of the month.

An option would be to try to come in 10min before class or stay after 10min and go through an EMOM with a conservative number trying to build on it each week. So start with EMOM x 10min, 3 Reps, do that 3x week and build up the volume week to week to allow your body to adapt. So by Week 4 you doing 6 Pull-Ups EMOM x 10min for the 3x week EMOM. This will allow you to build volume safely and effectively.

***You can do this with a band, but we suggest you work on getting your first pull-up without a band rather than adding in a lot of volume your body may not handle by doing assisted pull-ups that allow you to do more volume than you are capable at the moment.

If you are still working on getting your first pull-up, follow this great progression by Coach Michael.

Let’s see what we can accomplish if we put the pedal to the metal!

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