CrossFit Sanitas January Cardio Challenge! What You Need to Know

How Do I Register?

You don’t need to do anything to register. Just participate!

Okay, So How Do I Participate Then?

Every day during the month of January, there will be an additional workout posted below the WOD in Wodify. This workout will always incorporate the rower, ski erg, Air Dyne for calories, or maybe even all three! Although these are just suggestions for cardio workouts, for the challenge, you can use any of these machines in any way you’d like.

What’s the Goal?

Your task is to accumulate as many calories as possible using the three machines at Sanitas (rower, ski erg, bikes) in the month of January. You can do this in any format you’d like, but the calories can only count when done outside of class.

You can do this using the suggested workouts we post each day, doing a 200 calories on the rower, 40-min on Air Dyne, or in any manner you wish.

Can I Start Anytime?

Yup! Start any time during the month. Since the goal is just to accumulate the most calories, it doesn’t matter when you start. But the sooner the better!

How Do I Track My Calories?

Each day in Wodify, you’ll see a section to post your scores labeled “Sanitas Cardio Challenge Jan 1”, “…Jan 2” “…Jan 3” etc. Log your results here or else they will not count in the challenge! If you’re doing something other than what’s suggested, still record your calories here.

How Do I Win?

The athlete with the most calories logged in Wodify between January 1 – January 31 will be the winner! For this challenge, the winner gets a free 60-minute massage!

For extra bragging rights, tag us on Intragram or Facebook and use the hashtag #SanitasCardioChallenge and we’ll repost your fitness on our pages.


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