CrossFit Sanitas Clean 30 Challenge Starts Monday

Sanitas Clean 30 Challenge Guide

Beginning April 1st, we are running a clean eating challenge.  In just 30 days, you will improve your fitness, lower body fat, increase muscle tone and emotional well-being, and reduce inflammation.

Just $25 gets you one of our sweet new t-shirts, before/after body fat scans, full program support, recipes, and a chance to win great prizes.  The Clean 30 is open to all Sanitas members, including BaseCampers.  

SIGN UP NOW  Just choose Clean 30 Challenge from the drop down menu.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  You commit to doing the following for the month of April:

  • Eat a clean diet (non-inflammatory whole foods with balanced protein/fats/carbs) 
  • Take before/after body fat scan with our new scanner (optional, highly recommended)
  • Take before/after photos (also optional)
  • Join a team (each team will have a coach), set goals, support your fellow teammates and compete for prizes to create accountability
  • Participate in the April 1st Fitness Test (we will retest May 1st and the results will surprise you)
  • Workout 4-5x/week
  • Keep a daily log/scorecard of your “Clean 30 Points”

View our detailed Challenge Overview  

It includes an overview of what to eat/avoid, prizes, meal plans, an explanation of the importance of hormones and links to tons of online resources and recipes…including our CrossFit Sanitas Pinterest page (tons of recipes and inspiration).

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