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Here at Crossfit Sanitas, we put a lot of thought into the workouts you see on the whiteboard. For the last 7 years, our goal has been to make sure you get a great workout. Now, we want to ensure that you get even more.

Over the past few weeks, the coaches and I have been working together to solidify what we believe to be the best approach to optimize your fitness, an evolved vision for the future of your CrossFit workout. Based on the best research, and tried and tested exercise science, we’ve developed programming that will ensure that you continue increasing your fitness, but in a way that’s sustainable over your lifetime.

Our bodies feel different each day and our goals evolve as we age, change and learn. For example, an experienced athlete in their 40s with two kids will likely have different needs and goals than an athlete in their 20s who is interested in competing in CrossFit. We want to be with you every step of the way, at every stage.


Individualized Programming for Each Day

To best support you and your goals, you will now see Sanitas programming differentiated into 3 categories: 

  • FITNESS: You want to sweat and get a great workout without a red-line effort. You want to leave the gym with plenty of energy and you don’t want to be too sore tomorrow. This is also a great option if you’re already pretty sore, didn’t get enough sleep, have mobility or pain issues, or you’re unsure about today’s movements. 
  • PERFORMANCE: You’re an experienced CrossFitter and are proficient in today’s movements. You’re recovered and are ready to push yourself. 
  • COMPETITION: You’re training to compete in the sport of CrossFit. 

On your way to the gym to take a class, assess how you’re feeling that day, your goal for the class, and how you hope to feel leaving the gym. It’s likely that one of these programmed options will resonate and as always, your coach is there to help you further tailor the workout to your unique strengths, weaknesses and goals. 


How do I Choose Between Fitness & Performance?

Here are some important aspects to consider when deciding which level to opt for on any given day:



  • Strength



  • Aerobic capacity



  • Active recovery



  • Sleep



  • Soreness



  • Energy Level




How Often Should I Choose Fitness vs Performance?

We see the best results in athletes that workout 4-5x per week at Sanitas, especially if this is your main way to stay fit. Coming regularly will ensure that you don’t get insanely sore when you come into workouts, and you’ll stay consistent with what we have programmed. 

The best way to think about how often to choose ‘Performance’ vs. ‘Fitness’ is to determine whether your goal is to train or test:

  • Training is maintaining a level of difficulty during your workout that makes you sweat, but doesn’t crush you. During a training workout, your heart rate is elevated, but not close to redlining. Focusing more on training vs. testing helps you maintain fitness, but makes sure you don’t over-fatigue your body.
  • Testing is pushing yourself to the limit. When you are pushing yourself to go faster, trying to beat the person next to you, you are testing, not training. During these workouts, your body releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline so that you can test yourself at that higher level.

If we test our limits too frequently, we can create hormone imbalances over time that lead to a plateau in results, disrupted sleep, lower sex hormones, increased soreness and retained abdominal fat. Importantly, this does not mean that we won’t test your max effort fitness at Sanitas, it simply means that we’ll do it intelligently. 


More is Better Though, Right?

There is an emotional attachment that comes with a really difficult workout. It’s a bonding experience with the people laying on the floor next to you. Plus, there’s a hormonal response (hey there, endorphins) that feels really good once you’re done. It’s one of the reasons that people fall in love with high intensity training. However, too much of a good thing is also the reason that people stop seeing results, develop sleep issues, stop recovering well, feel exhausted later in the day or create dysfunctional motor patterns or injury.


What To Expect

Over the coming weeks and months, you will be hearing more about this in the gym. Remember, more is not better, better is better. Together with your coaches, we will all work as a team to create the best program for you as an individual. We are passionate about learning as much as possible about the body and the best way to train. Above all else, we want your fitness to support your health and longevity. We want to extend your lives, improve your quality of life and create lifelong members. 


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