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Voted “Best CrossFit in Boulder” by Daily Camera

If you’re only nominally familiar with CrossFit, you may envision the typical CrossFit gym as a barren warehouse space, often little more than a location to break a serious sweat. CrossFit Sanitas aims to change that. Tom Baker, the gym manager for CrossFit Sanitas describes his gym as “a new spin on the CrossFit ideals.” The lighting is bright and welcoming. Childcare is available, as are physical therapy, massage and even acupuncture. And every class is conducted by coaches who assist participants by making on-the-spot modifications so that each workout is tailored to each client. Baker explained that CrossFit isn’t just for elite athletes. It can be adjusted for anyone, from the young and fit to the elderly. CrossFit Sanitas offers roughly 90 classes a week in a fun, social environment because, as Baker says, working out should be both effective and fun.


Best CrossFit in Boulder CrossFit SanitasVoted “Best CrossFit in Boulder” by Colorado Daily

Challenge what you ‘think’ you know about your workout with a visit to CrossFit Sanitas. You’ll get expert coaching at every level… Each day’s workout is a little different, so you don’t get in a rut. “CrossFit Sanitas also applies CrossFit methodologies to endurance training, which is very popular among Boulder’s runners and triathletes.” CrossFit Sanitas has something for the whole family, including teens programs designed for high school athletes. “Many kids who don’t have an official ‘sport’ have taken up CrossFit…”


Voted 4th Best CrossFit in the U.S. by

“When I told my friends that I had started CrossFit, I realized that CrossFit had a reputation that was intimidating,” says owner Melissa Roza. “I wanted a place where women and men of all ages, shapes, and experience levels would feel welcome.” CrossFit Sanitas is located in 10,000 square feet of Boulder’s busiest retail center. There’s on-site childcare seven days a week, locker rooms with showers, and multiple specialty classes including Olympic lifting, teen, mobility, strength, and endurance. But what really makes this facility different is that it has a cold plunge pool and massage therapists on staff. 

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CrossFit-Sanitas-Best-CrossFit-in-Boulder-5-in-America-SELFVoted 5th Best CrossFit in the U.S. by

Triathletes and marathoners train at altitude in beautiful Boulder, and many of them are drawn to this box’s holistic, fend-off-injury approach. Expect complementary offerings like acupuncture, physical therapy and massage.

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CrossFit Sanitas New York TimesCrossFit Sanitas featured by New York Times

“My enthusiasm for CrossFit knows no bounds,” said Eric Roza, 45, Datalogix’s supremely fit and upbeat chief executive. In fact, his enthusiasm led him to open with his wife a 10,000-square-foot gym in downtown Boulder, Colo., called CrossFit Sanitas, where he generally works out at 5:30 a.m…

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Daily Camera CrossFitCrossFit Sanitas is Daily Camera’s Workout of the Week

CrossFit Sanitas uses words you never thought you’d hear from CrossFit: “pampering,” “luxury,” “on-site massage.” The 10,000-square-foot studio offers a front desk, indoor/outdoor lounge area, child care, sports massage, fully stocked men’s and women’s locker rooms and downtown Boulder’s first cold plunge pool.

The Rozas decided to create a different kind of CrossFit because they thought the traditional style was inaccessible and intimidating to some people.


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Photo courtesy of Daily Camera photographer Jessica Cuneo

CrossFit Sanitas Boulder RemaxCrossFit Sanitas is REMAX of Boulder’s “Featured Friend”

Within minutes of my hour-long group session, I was able to relax into the very challenging – but manageable – workout. My charismatic instructor, Beau, was warm and welcoming. He was also relentless. He stayed super focused on form. It was like working one-on-one with a trainer, but in the midst of others who collectively brought an excellent vibe. The workout incorporated strength and aerobic aspects driven by my limits, which Beau was happy to push.

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  • Beyond the WOD
    Locavore Delivery sources high-quality, locally produced beef, pork, wild boar and fresh eggs for CrossFit Sanitas members, available for purchase as “Paleo Packs” right in the gym. Fresh-caught Alaskan salmon is also available. All are regularly featured at regular CrossFit Sanitas barbecues, a member favorite.
  • The Future of Fitness
    The Boulder community is home to many serious student athletes in all kinds of sports and play. CrossFit offers those participants an opportunity to gain a competitive edge with classes that advance full-body strength, mobility, lateral stabilization muscles and explosive power.

New CrossFit Gym to be Opening in Boulder

“CrossFit Sanitas hopes to bring high-intensity exercise to the masses” — Daily Camera

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