Creamy Pumpkin Apple Sage Soup

Sanitas athlete, Kathryn Kelley, has a fantastic blog focused on paleo recipes for not only you, but your dogs, too! Below is a great soup from her fall recipe collection on her blog, A Yolk of Genius (I love food puns).

Here’s a little about about Kathryn and her business:

I’m so happy you’ve stumbled upon my blog! Let me introduce myself: I switched to the Paleo diet in 2015, after doing my first Whole 30 (which lasted for 66 days), and have never looked back. I started this blog in early 2017 under the name Playful Paleo. After letting it go dormant for about a year, I decided to throw all of my efforts in and rebrand to A Yolk of Genius, in an effort to share my recipes with as many people as possible–including those who automatically turn their noses up at the “Caveman Diet.” I moved to Boulder in 2017 from DC and have quickly become a devout Boulderite. I love my dog Lexi, CrossFit, hiking, bargain-hunting, and making people laugh. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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