The Most Common, and Dangerous, Word in CrossFit

I hear it all the time when I say, “How’d that workout go?!” or “Dang! You crushed that!”

I get the response, “It was good, but I only did 65 pounds,” or “Yeah, but I only did knee push-ups,”

Do you know how many humans would kill to be able to press, squat or even deadlift 65 pounds… or have the ability to push themselves up off of the floor over and over again using just the power of their own body and arms! It’s all relative. It’s not about being the strongest or fastest in the gym. It’s about working toward becoming the strongest and fastest and, most importantly, healthiest version of yourself.

Don’t sell yourself short on your accomplishments. This word “only” can be incredibly toxic to your motivation, goals and pride. It inherently feeds this notion that whatever you achieved that day doesn’t meet some made-up standard. It strips you of your success and leaves an asterisk of, “…but it wasn’t a success…” This mentality could leave you feeling like you’re not good enough; or worse, lead you to push yourself beyond your means and risk injury because you’re too focused on the number.

Now don’t get me wrong. You should always be striving to do bigger and better things than you could before, but not without first acknowledging your success of the day! Every day you’re able to get into the gym, lift some weights, move your body, and attempt things that at one point in your life seemed impossible, you’re doing something incredible!

Next time you feel inclined to say you “only” did something, remember how much time, effort, and work went into your ability to accomplish that something. Remember how much of a badass you really are!

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