Clean Challenge Starts Tuesday

It’s time to get started! Chris Kresser was very motivating and reminded us to also focus on things like sleep and play in order to get the most out of this nutrition reset. Here’s the game plan for the week: 


  1. You’ll be assigned to a Challenge coach and team.  Look for an email from your Clean Challenge Coach to see who else is on your team.
  2. Pick up your scorecard at the front desk or view and print it here.  The back page of the scorecard lists out which foods are allowed and which foods you need to avoid.
  3. You should have received an email from Chris Kresser this morning that says “Welcome to Paleologix Total Transformation”.  Login to your account and fill out your baseline health questions in the Online Tracking Tool.  
  4. Make a meal plan and stock up on healthy snacks. Use Chris’ meal plan generator to look through recipes or randomly generate a week of recipes based on your preferences. Remember to exclude dairy during the Clean Challenge. You can choose things like Quick Prep if you want meals that can be prepared quickly.  
  5. Go home and clean out your kitchen and pantry.  Get rid of any foods and drinks that could lose you points and trash them, give them to the homeless, or if you must, put them in paper bags in the garage (and note with wonder the indefinite shelf life of foods that aren’t good for you).  
  6. If your spouse, roommate or kids have a different eating program than you do, then negotiate.  Maybe they will agree to cut a few things out of solidarity.  At the very least, move any “unclean” foods above eye level so they don’t tempt you every time you open the fridge or a cupboard.  Can’t emphasize how important it is to get temptation out of eyesight and arm’s reach!
  7. If you’d like to get maximum benefit or have some health problems that have resisted our prior clean challenges, try the 30 day Reset diet in Chris’ Paleo Code book.  It’s a bit more restrictive, but is highly likely to help you isolate allergens, inflammation and gut issues that may be sabotaging your progress.   
  8. Look over our 18 page guide that covers what to eat, what to avoid, food quality, hormones, healthy fats, proteins, etc.  You can download it here.
  9. Make sure you’re scheduled for your Hydrostatic Body Fat test if you’ve signed up and paid. Sign up for either Tuesday or Wednesday.


  1. Day 1 – start filling out your scorecard and do this throughout each day over the next 30 days.

  2. Baseline Fitness Test 1- this will be part of the WOD. If you miss it, don’t worry because you’ll still have the opportunity to earn points through eating, sleeping, etc.
  3. Body Fat testing will be from 5am – 2pm, please sign up in advance. For more details see this post.


  1. Baseline Fitness Test 2

  2. Last day for body fat testing from 1:30pm – 8:30pm.


  1. Baseline Fitness Test 3