Clean Challenge Resources

When coach Matt Unthank is not at CrossFit Sanitas, he works in a large traditional gym in Denver as a Personal Trainer. His personal training clients spend an average of $470 a month for sessions and their gym membership. Even though they spend over double what a CrossFit member pays their results are drastically less than CrossFit athletes.

In all his years as a personal trainer, Matt has NEVER seen results anywhere close to those achieved by Sanitas athletes during the last Clean 30 challenge. This is because exercise alone doesn’t always change your body composition and it’s rare for his personal training clients to make dietary changes, so they only see minor changes in their body.

However, by adopting a high nutrient, low inflammation Paleo diet, your body is able to train better and recover quickly. You feel healthier, stronger and have more energy. You get the most out of your workouts.

Here are some older articles from the blog that will provide some additional insight and inspiration as we finish our second week of the Clean Challenge.  Also, Chris Kresser’s book is a perfect overview on the latest research in nutrition.

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Helpful guides from Balance Bites. Several of these are posted in the hall by the lockers rooms.