Class Schedule Changes

Effective Saturday, March 14th, we will institute the following schedule changes to allow for more cleaning time throughout the day. Our schedule may change as the situation unfolds, and we will reevaluate class attendance early next week, make any necessary changes, and send out an update. Any updates will also be posted at the top of the blog.

SCHEDULE MONDAY – FRIDAY (12 classes daily)

  • 5:30a WOD
  • 6:30a WOD & 6:30a Endurance/Strength
  • 7:30a WOD
  • 8:30a WOD
  • 9:30a Fundamentals (no WOD)
  • GYM CLOSED for cleaning from 10:30a – 11:30a
  • 11:30a Strength or Endurance
  • 12:30p WOD
  • GYM CLOSED for cleaning from 1:30p – 3:30p
  • 3:30p WOD
  • 4:30p WOD & MWF Teens
  • 5:30p WOD
  • 6:30p WOD + Tuesday 6:30p is Endurance (no WOD)

SCHEDULE SATURDAY – SUNDAY (3-4 classes daily)

  • Sat 8:30a Endurance, Sun 8:30a WOD
  • 9:30a WOD
  • 10:30a WOD
  • 11:30-1:00p COMP

Classes that will be suspended:

  • 7:30a WOD (Sat only)
  • 9:30a WOD (M-F only)
  • 10:30a WOD (M-F only)
  • 11:30a WOD (Sun only)
  • 2:30p WOD
  • Gymnastics
  • Mobility
  • M/TH Evening Strength

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