The Synergy of Yoga and CrossFit

In many ways CrossFit and Yoga are polar opposites – CrossFit is fast and intense where Yoga is slow, methodical and reflective. So it’s understandable that people that are attracted to the intensity of CrossFit might not prioritize having a regular Yoga practice. In Crossfit you build strength by tearing the muscle fibres and they […]

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Thai Massage: Discovering Hidden Strength and Power through Mobility

After multiple days of high intensity output as an athlete, you may find yourself stiff, sore, and lacking the power and range of motion you had at the beginning of your week. Some see this as a badge of honor representing the level of output done in a workout. The truth is, the longer your […]

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7 Signs You Aren’t Recovering From Your CrossFit Workouts Properly

7 Signs You Aren't Recovering From Your CrossFit Workouts Properly

Proper recovery is essential for CrossFit athletes to improve performance, build muscle and stay healthy. Signs that you might not be recovering properly can vary so it’s helpful to look for abnormalities from your normal state. Some things to consider include: 1. Changes in mood. Mood changes can be tricky, especially if you are experiencing disruption […]

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Improve Performance and Reduce Injury with a Functional Movement Screen

Have you tried Stacey Thomas, our Functional Movement Specialist? She will be at our Clean Challenge Kickoff Party Tuesday at 6:30p where she’ll do a quick demo and be available for 15-min Functional Movement Screenings for $50. She has nearly two decades of experience that will help you achieve your personal best by changing dysfunctional movement […]

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Free Massages from Jacob Corley, Newest Addition to the Sanitas Sports Therapy Team

Jacob Corley Sports Massage Therapy Crossfit Sanitas Boulder

Jacob has truly found his calling with sports massage. He loves working on athletes and comes from a background focused on endurance athletes, including several professional triathletes.  He has knowledge that extends well beyond just massage as he truly tries to get to the root of the problem with Integrated Positional Therapy (similar to some […]

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Sports Acupuncture Now Available at Boulder's CrossFit Sanitas

Boulder Acupuncture CrossFit Sanitas

Save $30 on your first Acupuncture treatment if you book this month! To welcome Lindsay, CrossFit Sanitas is offering introductory, 90-minute acupuncture sessions that includes a full assessment, photographic Posture Screen analysis and rock taping for $75 (regularly $105). The posture screen will tell you things like if your head is leaning two inches forward, […]

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Sunday Funday Trail Run Meeting Spot

Hey folks! Sunday morning at 8am we’ll be meeting at the Ranger Station at Chautauqua to run the Mesa Trail. Look out for coach Dwight for a casual run through the mountains! All levels welcome and please feel free to bring your family and dogs! Meeting place: Ranger Station at ChautauquaMeeting time: 8am

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Mobility 4-24-14

Crossover Symmetry- Iron Scap Active Release- Back and Shoulders Crossover Symmetry- Plyometric Drills Overhead Squat 3×10  

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Mobility 4-22-14

Banded Hip Floss and Heel mob Active Release: Quads, IT Bands, Heel Cords 3×6 Goblet Squat 42X2 Lunge Matrix      

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