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Group RUN!

Join The Endurance Class at 1030 this Saturday at the Sanitas Valley Trail. It is a great run and a great chance to break out of the routine of being inside. Getting outside and getting that vitamin D is important.

We will meet here at 10:30am….


Take Mapleton ave all the way to the end where it turns into Sunshine Canyon drive. Look to the right side of road, you cant miss it. 

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Friday Change of Schedule!

Change of Schedule on Friday April 5th. The 4,5,and 6 will be CANCELED because we are hosting a fundraiser for a local school district.

Travel WOD:

Run for 15 Minutes, every 3rd minute

Stop and complete

20 air squats,15 Push ups, and 10(4ct) flutter kicks.

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New Classes on Sundays at Sanitas

Nik training double unders

Coach Nik needed some help to stop using so much of his shoulders in his double unders. But on to the real news… Starting this week, we have added a 10:30am class on Sunday mornings. The full schedule for Sundays is now 8:30am, 9:30am and 10:30am. You ask and you shall receive! Check out our […]

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CrossFit Sanitas Clean 30 Challenge Starts Monday

Sanitas Clean 30 Challenge Guide

Beginning April 1st, we are running a clean eating challenge.  In just 30 days, you will improve your fitness, lower body fat, increase muscle tone and emotional well-being, and reduce inflammation. Just $25 gets you one of our sweet new t-shirts, before/after body fat scans, full program support, recipes, and a chance to win great […]

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Should You Compete in The CrossFit Open If You've Just Started CrossFit?

Since I’m new to CrossFit when the trainers started talking about the CrossFit Open, I just tuned it out. I assumed that it’s only for the big time CrossFit athletes. And just thinking about it felt intimidating. If you are also new to CrossFit, you probably can relate to some of what I was thinking: […]

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Craving something sweet?

Baked Apples!!! Preheat the oven @ 350 Core apples (Macintosh work best but any kind will do) Fill center of apples with any of the following:  Nut Butters (Almond or Peanut or Both! PB & Co. Cinnamon Raisin is delicious!) Dark Chocolate Square Dried Fruit Cinnamon, Nutmeg, other Spices Honey Be Creative! Bake for 30 […]

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Thursday, 2-28-2013

  Delicious post-WOD paleo meals from Zolo GrillZolo Grill has developed a custom paleo menu just for Sanitas members. Place your order at our front desk before the WOD and it will be ready for you to pick up right after class. Take your pick of 5 meats and 5 veggies for just 10 bucks.

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Strength WOD's Starting Monday, March 4th @ 11:30am

March is a great month to get STRONG…get started this Monday @ 11:30am. We are going to start off with a “Wendler 5-3-1” program that offers a proven formula for strength gains in the Squat, Press and Deadlift. If you stick with the program for a year, by adding 10 pounds to your Squat each […]

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Last weekend I had the great pleasure of watching as two Sanitas athletes competed in their first CrossFit competition, The Abdominal Snowman, at Conviction CrossFit.  If you’ve never been to a CrossFit competition, I urge you to go.  It is an incredible experience.  The energy of a CrossFit competition is something that is intense, awesome […]

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CrossFit Endurance is Here!

Coming to CrossFit Sanitas is a different type of CrossFit class, CrossFit Endurance. If you have ever wanted to see your race times drop and overuse injuries drop off the map then CrossFit Endurance is for you.  The CrossFit Endurance philosophy is one of intervals and targeting muscles that are traditionally weaker on long distance […]

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