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Baking Contest + WOD with Tom!

Hey all! To officially wrap-up my professional career at Sanitas, we’re going to blow it up big — baked goods and a WOD! I know. A real rager. You’re welcome.

So what’s the plan? Meet us at CrossFit Sanitas on Dec. 7th for a super fun group workout that I’ll program, and then stay after to hangout, have a drink, and try some awesome baked goods in our first-ever Baked at CrossFit Contest!

Baking Contest Details

Bake anything you want, in any category of baking you desire, and bring a batch to the gym on Dec. 7. The winner will be Tom’s favorite winner. (I don’t like snickerdoodles.)

Tom’s favorite will win a free month at CrossFit Sanitas!

Need to Know

Where: CrossFit Sanitas

When: December 7, WOD at 3:30pm – Eat baked goods and hangout at 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Anything else: Gym will be open around 3pm if you need to get some extra warm. No cost for anything. Come for the workout, or the bake-off, or both! Just come hangout and have a good time.


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The Weekly Preview 11-11-19

We have finished up our cycle and are doing some fun re-tests this week in preparation for the next cycle starting on November 18th. This cycle will take us through the holidays and into mid-January and up to the next Clean Challenge. We will be sending out a blog post about our next block of training in the next week, so you can be sure to be up to date on everything going on in the gym.

Monday: Veterans Day

4 Rounds For Time
27 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
20 Burpees
11 Squat Cleans (145/100 lb)

U.S. Air Force Major David “Klepto” L. Brodeur, 34, of Auburn, MA, assigned to the 11th Air Force, based at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK, died on April 27, 2011 in Kabul, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained from gunfire from an Afghan Mileitary trainee.

He is survived by his wife Susie, daughter Elizabeth, and son David.

The “Klepto” Hero WOD was first posted on as the workout of the day for Tuesday, March 6, 2012 (120306).

Tuesday: Helen Retest Day

Gymnastics Skill Work
EMOM x 9min
Min 1: 30sec Handstand Walk
Min 2: 2 Rope Climbs
Min 3: Rest

Benchmark Test
“Strict Helen”
3 Rounds
400m Run
21 American KBS at 53#/35#
12 Strict Pull-Ups

Wednesday KB Flow Day

A) KB Flow Complex x 7min AMRAP

Right Arm
KB Row
KB Kneel and Clean
KB Press and Stand
KB Split Snatch
KB Cossack Squat (Right)

Left Arm
KB Row
KB Kneel and Clean
KB Press and Stand
KB Split Snatch
KB Cossack Squat (Left)

B) Strength Accessory x 4 Sets
Ring Archer Push-Ups x 4-6/Side
Alternating V-Ups x 16-20 Reps
Slider Body Saws x 8-10 Reps

Thursday: Functional Threshold Power Re-Test

FTP Test
EMOM x 40min
1) Max Cal Row
2) Max Cal Bike
3) Max Rep Shuttle Run
4) Rest

*Wear a heart rate monitor today if you have one. Your average heart rate should give you a pretty good indication of your top end of Zone 4 (Threshold). i.e. if its 171, then your Zone 4 is probably around 158-172 and this would be where you want to hit those intervals of 4-7min. When we say 85%, this is what we mean.

Friday: Upper Body Pressing Test

Upper Body Max Effort
A) 12min to Establish 1RM Strict Press

Upper Body Strength Endurance
B) Death by Strict HSPU
Min 1: 1 Rep
Min 2: 2 Reps
Min 3: 3 Reps
Min 4: 4 Reps
Min 5: 5 Reps
and so on until failure. If you can get over 10, then add a deficit.

Saturday: Team WOD Day

In a 4 Team Waterfall
3 Rounds for Time
30/24 Cal Row
20 Burpees
50 Double Unders
20 Toes to Bar
30 Wall Balls at 20#/14#


5 Rounds for Time
100ft D-Ball Carry
2 Turkish Get-Ups (each side) at 70#/53#
3 Rope Climbs
5 Bench Press at 185#/125#

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Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

CrossFit Sanitas Holiday Schedule

Show some gratitude to your body and come workout with us then eat all the food! Take note of the following schedule changes for the Thanksgiving holiday. Wednesday, November 27 Normal schedule through 6:30pm, so last class will be 5:30pm Thanksgiving Day 8:30am WOD 9:30am WOD 10:30am WOD Friday, November 29 8:30am WOD 9:30am WOD […]

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National Expert in Sports Medicine, Nicole Haas

Did you know that our in-house physical therapist, Nicole Haas is a national expert in sports medicine and injury prevention? And did you know that she is often featured as a topic expert in articles for Outside Magazine (and many others as well)? Even better, she’s here at Sanitas to help get folks with those nagging […]

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The Weekly Preview 11.04.19

This is the last week of progressions on this 6-week cycle before having our retest week starting November 11th! Get ready for a fun challenging week that will be sure to set you up for some great performances on those benchmarks. And yes, this means we have one more week of that long aerobic progression […]

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November Member of the Month

Our November Member of the Month is Andrew Knight! He has been a member at CrossFit Sanitas for 4 years now. His anniversary is 11/3/2015 and we are very excited to celebrate with a specialized WOD on Tuesday, November 19th. Definitely come to test yourself on “The Knight Rises”. Andy is a consistent member of […]

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Weekly Preview 10-28-19

Monday: Strength Back Squat (42×1 Tempo) Every 2min for 12min 4 Reps *at around 60% of 1RM Back Squat Conditioning 2 Rounds for Time 25 Toes to Bar 50 Wall Balls at 24/20 100 Double Unders Tuesday Gymnastics 12min EMOM 1) :30 Chin Over Bar Hold 2) 2-3 Toe-Nail Spot Strict Ring Muscle Ups w/Pause […]

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Benefits of Bone Broth

We are very excited to add Boulder Broth to the fridge space at CrossFit Sanitas. It’s local, owned/operated/made by Sanitas athlete Kirstine Raynor, with bones sourced from Locavore Delivery, and is quite honestly, the best tasting bone broth I’ve ever had — and I’ve tried nearly all of them for sale in the area. Not […]

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The Weekly Preview 10-21-19

Be ready for some fun practice this week on high-skill movements and things you have not seen in class before! We start off the week with a fun burner and weightlifting; and move through the week with some partner work on gymnastics. We’re adding to the KB Snatch as we build into a KB Flow […]

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Rolfing Myth Series: Myth #5 “I will ‘fix’ you”

Check out the previous myths below! Myth #1: Rolfing is painful Myth #2: That’s what I used to do in college Myth #3: I have to do the 10-Series Myth #4: It’s just a really deep massage The term “fix” implies that something is broken and not whole. You, as a human being, are whole […]

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