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Kipping Clinic w/ Courtney: Pull-Ups and/or Muscle-Ups!

On August 12 at 12:30pm, Coach Courtney will be leading a two-part seminar dedicated to kipping pull-ups and chest-to-bar pull-ups as well as the butterfly kip, and kipping muscle-ups. Come for pull-ups or come for muscle-ups, or maybe both if you really want to get gymnasty!


Sunday, August 12

  • 12:30pm for Pull-Ups
  • 1:30pm for Muscle-Ups

Part 1 – Kipping Pull Ups (1 hour)

During this section the group will work on foundational shapes (i.e. hollow, arch) for gymnastic movements. We will cover the kipping pull up, the kipping chest to bar pull up, and butterfly style. Emphasis will be on form to ensure safety and efficiency in the movement. The goal is to create movement patterns that are consistently repeatable.

Levels: Any athlete that has been working on the movement or strength aspect but hasn’t quite mastered the rhythm. Ideally those attending currently use no more than a red or black band (less than 1-in thick) during workouts with pull ups. Ask a coach if you’re unsure!

Take away: Better concept of the movement, strength and core recommendations (for all levels), new skills and drills.

Register for Part 1: Pull-Ups $20

Register for Part 1 & 2: Pull-Ups & Muscle-Ups $30

Part 2 – Muscle Ups (1 hour)

After a short break, those interested and capable to continue will build on the previous hour to work on the more advanced skills of bar and ring muscle ups. This section will cover drills and progressions that can help achieve someones first rep and/or improve their future reps. The goal is to create sound, repeatable movement. That first rep shouldn’t be a fluke but the result of proper movement patterns and understanding!

Levels: Athletes that have good pulling strength (i.e. 10/7 strict pull ups, capable of strict chest to bar pull ups), show proficiency in foundational shapes and kipping. Ask a coach if you’re unsure!

Take away: Better concept of the movement, new skills and progression drills to continue to develop on your own in or out of class.

Register for Part 2: Muscle-Ups $20

Register for Part 1 & 2: Pull-Ups & Muscle-Ups $30

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