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July 4th Holiday Schedule at CrossFit Sanitas

CrossFit 4th of July WOD

Check out the schedule below for the 4th of July weekend. Please read everything below carefully and let us know if you have any questions.

Childcare hours will not be affected by these schedule changes.

Thursday, July 4th

There will only be regular WODs at the times listed below. If you have a BaseCamp scheduled for outside of these times, your class and coach will come together to find a different time to meet.

  • 7:30am
  • 8:30am
  • 9:30am
  • 10:30am
  • 11:30am
  • 12:30pm

The gym will be closed outside of these times.

Dwight and a group of members will be participating in the “4k on the 4th” race event at 6pm. Join in the fun and test your fitness!

Friday, July 5th
Normal schedule starting with the first class at 8:30am

Saturday, July 6th
Normal schedule; Teens, Endurance & Track are cancelled

Sunday, July 7th
Normal schedule resumes fully

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The Weekly Preview 062419

This week will be a fun mixture of some mono-structural sprints, weightlifting technique, and a classic CrossFit benchmark to finish things off.

And just as a heads up, here’s the plan for the July 4th weekend schedule.

Monday: Focus Workout

Starting off the week with a “Brick Workout”!! For those triathletes out there, you know what this means. Bike + run intervals for the win!

Today’s workout will focus on intervals that push your pain threshold and build your VO2 Max. Goal for this workout will be to go as fast as possible (AFAP) for about 90sec and then have 4:30 to rest. This is all about you learning how to push that heart rate up above 90% and getting it to come back down to earth by the time you hit the next interval.


We will be hitting up our favorite butt builder along with a Fran-style MetCon to end the day.


Today we get to focus on a little weightlifting technique, with a threshold burner of a workout to finish it off.


Running sprints and bar muscle-ups! Expect a good amount of time to work on the progressions and variations of the bar muscle-up today. If you’ve been close to getting one, come in today to get your first!


Deadlift 1.5 BW
Bench Press BW
Clean .75 BW


Partner Saturday with running, rope climbs, and kettlebell swings


“Jerry” re-test day! You’re welcome.

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Field Day Workouts & Group Hikes, June 22-23

Join us at Centennial Middle School track for some super fun field day workouts on Saturday, and then a group hike on Sunday! Saturday Classes will be at 8:30am and 9:30am. The gym will be closed this whole weekend, so try something new at the track! Sunday We will be doing a group hike up […]

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The Weekly Preview 061719 *Schedule Notes

Happy Father’s Day to all of you rad dads out there! We have a lot going on this week, so take note of a few dates. We will be performing the Member of the Month workout this next Wednesday. To learn more about Erin, read our member of the month spotlight blog post. Also the […]

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The Weekly Preview 061019

Summer looks like it is finally here and we will be taking some WODs outside this week for fun in the sun! Monday We are going to focus on moving our bodyweight around. In this strictly gymnastics workout we will be spending some time on our hands and our feet. Tuesday: Focus workout of the […]

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Go-Kart Fun w/ the Coaches at Unser Racing!

YES! I’ve been trying to make this event happen for a year and now it’s finally here! If you’ve never been to Unser Racing, just imagine those go-karts you would ride as a kid, and turn it up to 11! These things require motorcycle helmets because they can go over 50mph on straightaways. Take this […]

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Movie Night This Friday: Incredibles 2!

We have a 15-foot screen and HD projector that make for an awesome movie experience in the comfort of your own gym. Bring some snacks, a bean bag, steal the couch from the lobby, and enjoy a fun night out! Non-members and all ages are welcome! Movie rules do apply so please be courteous of the […]

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Free Yoga & Breakfast at the Gym, June 30

Kelly Kenworthy, the owner of The Little Yoga Studio and the coolest yoga instructor out there, is coming to Sanitas on Sunday, June 30th to offer you a free yoga class designed specifically for CrossFitters and our training over the month of June. This class will be before classes start on Sunday so the gym is […]

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The Weekly Preview 060319

Monday Let’s get right into summer with our good friend Jerry — some running, a bit of rowing, and more running. Tuesday: Focus Workout of the Week! We will work on some gymnastics skills in a longer AMRAP by hanging with another good buddy today: “Nate” Today we are going all-in for a 20min AMRAP […]

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June Bottom of the Squat Challenge and May Challenge Winner!

During the month of May we worked on shoulders by completing the Crossover Symmetry Activation series and Iron-Scap routine as many days as possible. It was awesome to see how active everyone was at getting to the gym early to do the routine as well as staying after to finish up their workout. Even the […]

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