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CrossFit Sanitas: Voted Best Place to Workout and Best CrossFit Gym in Boulder by Daily Camera

Well, team — we did it! This marks our 4th year in a row as the “Best CrossFit Gym in Boulder” thanks to all of you! And although we’re being recognized because of your individual votes, it’s also something deeper. You voted because you believe it’s true, and so much of that comes from everything each and every one of you bring to the gym. Your positive attitudes, your hard work, your humor, your welcoming of new faces — all of these continue to bring more great people to our community and overall, make Sanitas such a great place to workout.

Our goal is to make this the best hour of your day when you’re here. As always, if there’s anything we can do to help make that more of a reality, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Not gonna lie — some people will pay good money to feel the intense pain of a badass workout. Sanitas is that kind of gym that attracts that type of client. But it’s not all pain, said Manager Thomas Baker. “We’re working a lot to generate a culture of discipline and also of fun when it comes to your workouts,” Baker said. Coaches like to keep you guessing to make it fun and interesting. Baker said coaches play games during warm-ups and also incorporate the not-so-fun parts that actually bring out some of the best results. “They might not necessarily want to do some things, but it keep them injury-free and pain-free,” he said. “People rely on us so they can do the things they love — like hiking, playing with their kids, skiing.”

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The Weekly Preview 10.07.19

This week of programming will continue with the progressions we started last week while building into the weekend with the first workout of CrossFit Open on Friday! The Open announcement will happen Thursday night and we’ll post it for Friday as soon as we hear it. Saturday will be affected by the movements and style of the workout on Friday, that is why you will see Friday and Saturday as open-ended for the next 5 weeks in order for us to adjust programming to make sure we are allowing for adequate rest and recovery.


Front Squat (42×1 Tempo)
Every 2min for 12min
4 Reps *at around 60% of 1RM Front Squat

Weightlifting Conditioning
10min AMRAP
Squat Snatch at 135#/95#
*45 Double Unders between each set of Snatch


EMOM x 10min
Even: 3 Toe spotted muscle ups + :20 Chin Over Bar Hold
Odd: 10-15 Barbell Strict Presses (ROM is Nose to overhead only)

500m Row (fast)
21 Russian KBS (heavy)
Rest 3:00
x3 Sets


Every 90sec for 12min (Alternating Stations on the 90sec mark)
1) Kettlebell Split Snatch 6-8 reps (each side)
2) Archer Push Ups Alternating for 10 Reps (5 per side)

Strength Conditioning
Unilateral Clean and Jerk complex
For Time
5 DB clean RA
5 DB Split Jerk RA Opposite leg (Left)
5 DB Clean LA
5 DB Split Jerk LA opposite leg (Right)


Aerobic Threshold Work
EMOM x 32min
1. Row 15/12
2. Bike 17/13
3. Shuttle Run 500ft
4. D-Ball Carry 100ft

*Goal today is a strong aerobic effort
Scale Reps accordingly to allow for consistency


“Open 20.1”
Best guess “12.1” Repeat
7min Max Rep Burpees to Target

*if this is the case, expect a good core session to finish off the day!


Based on Open WOD


Bench Press
Every 2min for 12min
3 Reps at 21X1 Tempo
*1 count pause it at chest not on chest and working on creating tension in the posterior delt/midtrap before exploding off chest

Strength Conditioning
12min AMRAP
DB Circus Clean and Press x 5/side at 70#/50#
Plate Push x 25ft at 45#/25#
Plate Pull x 25ft at 45#/25#

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October Member of the Month: Dan Mcilroy

Dan McIlroy is our Member of the Month for the month of October! Dan has now been with us for over 4 years and has been without a doubt the most consistent member of the 5:30pm WOD since he started. You’ll also likely see Dan here on weekends hitting the partner WODs as well as […]

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2019 Fall Clean Challenge Results & Success Stories!

Healthy Paleo options

We had nearly 60 Sanitas athletes compete in our 2019 Fall Clean Challenge and the results are in! Emi Takeuchi – 490 points Julie Barnum – 478 points Trish Gerlitz – 474 points Emi will get $30 to spend in our Locavore freezer, a bottle of SFH fish oil, and a free 60-minute massage for […]

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The Weekly Preview 09.30.19

This week we are coming out of the previous cycle that ended with the Fall Clean Challenge Tests and entering into our new training block. Get ready to see a clear weekly structure that will build week-to-week over the next couple months. To learn more about the next programming cycle, click here. Monday Weightlifting Every […]

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Programming for the Next CrossFit Sanitas Training Cycle

Over the past 7 weeks we have seen some huge improvements in strength, mobility, and confidence in the overhead position. It has been awesome to see these developments in our athletes and we look forward to seeing that continue. With that new found positional strength, we hope when overhead squats or snatching come up in […]

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Rolfing Myth Series: Myth #3 “I have to do the 10-Series”

Before I start on this little piece, if you’ve never heard of the Rolfing 10-Series, then it is really not a myth to you, but I do invite you to learn more on it if you are curious. You can do so here. Now, if you are somewhat familiar with the 10-Series and/or have at […]

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The Weekly Preview (09.23.19 Test Week)

Test week is upon us! We are excited to see how this last 7-week block of training went for everyone and see all the results from those doing this fall’s Clean Challenge. Remember the tests this week are the 1RM Overhead Squat Monday, the Row + Run on Wednesday, and the Snatch + Cindy workout […]

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