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September Member of the Month: Beau Bryson

Beau Bryson: Member of the Month

Beau has been a member of CrossFit Sanitas for almost 5 years now and is a staple of the CrossFit Sanitas community. Watching him and his wife, Meg, crush workouts together is inspiring. It is awesome to see how much they push each other, keeping each other accountable and healthy. Beau is a teacher in Boulder, a good friend, someone who is always smiling, and also a great athlete!

Here are some questions we asked Beau to learn a little more about him and his relationship with us at Crossfit Sanitas!

1) How did you get started with CrossFit? What was the primary driving factor?

My wife (Meg) and another friend applied enough pressure a number of years ago to start CrossFit together. I remember walking in the door and seeing people doing clean and jerks with the bouncer plates and I wanted to leave immediately. When I don’t want to do something, I typically get a little rage (that’s where my sons gets it). I came from the powerlifting world in high school and thought that the #45 plates were #100’s. So seeing all these people clean and jerk what looked like #235 or #245 multiple times was shocking. Nevertheless, I persisted and it has definitely benefited me. I couldn’t do this without Meg, though. She is my motor and the best partner one could have!

2) What are your goals for the upcoming 2018/2019 CrossFit year?

 I would like to improve my mobility as well as get ring muscle ups.

3) What has been your biggest challenge you have had to overcome since starting CrossFit?

I injured my back pretty bad 3 1/2 years ago on a silly deadlift which put me out for 18 months. Thanks to Dr. Mike I made it back eventually. It took A LOT to come back to the gym, suck up my pride (and my gut), and overcome the fear. Since then I can’t imagine where I would be if I didn’t come back.

4) What is your favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

I’m a shoulder guy, so hspu! Maybe some double unders too.

5) What is your least Favorite CrossFit Workout/Movement?

Anything with calories bike or rower, it doesn’t matter.

6) What advice can you give to those just starting out in CrossFit?

Keep it up! Make a few friends or bring some of your own. The community is what draws you in and makes you feel accountable, but also supported.

7) Lastly… what is your most memorable moment in Crossfit?

I enjoyed winning the clean challenge way back when. It’s always good to win, but I remember losing a lot of unnecessary weight that had been on me for the better part of a decade.

A couple additions for the Member of the Month Workout.

  • Whats your birthday? 3/17/85
  • Whats your lucky number? 7!!!!
  • Do you like endurance-style WODs or strength-style WODs? Both! Do both.
  • AMRAPs or For Time? Amrap.

 Member of the Month Workout

17min AMRAP
17/13 Cal Bike
7 Strict HSPU
3 Hang Squat Cleans at 185#/125#
85 Double Unders

*To be performed on Tuesday September 9/25/2018

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The Weekly Preview 09-10-18

The Weekly Outlook and Special Announcements

This week kicks off the Clean Challenge! We will be having our Clean Challenge tests on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of this week. We will be re-testing these after a 4 week phase where we emphasize progressions on workouts that should help you improve in all these areas. Expect specific strength work on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.


Clean Challenge Test #1: 3RM Back Squat
6 Rounds for Time *12min Time Cap
12 Alt DB Snatch at 50#/35#
6 SA Squat Clean at 50/35# (each arm)
6 Burpees


For Time
Deadlifts at 225/155
Strict Pull-Ups
Strict Handstand Push-Ups


Weightlifting: Today we have a fun Snatch Complex to start us off!
Conditioning: Clean Challenge Test #2
3 Rounds for Time
500m Row
400m Run


Toes to Bar strength and stamina work, then…

E2MOM x 10min
50 Double Unders
6 TnG Power Cleans *you choose the weight


Clean Challenge Test #3
15min AMRAP
15 KBS at 53/35
10 Thrusters at 95/65
5 Burpee Box Jump Overs at 24/20


4 Person Team Chipper
For Time
200 Cal Bike
120 Pull-Ups
200 Wall Balls at 20/14
120 Toes to Bar
200 Double Unders


EMOM x 20min
1) 8 Deadlifts at 185/125 + Max Box Jumps at 24/20
2) Rest
3) 8 Bench Press at BW/.75BW + Max Handstand Push-Ups
4) Rest

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The Weekly Preview!

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August Member of The Month: Chelsea Shettler

For the month of August our member of the month is Chelsea Shettler. She has been a strong and consistent member of the CrossFit Sanitas community for almost 2.5 years. The strides that she has made over that time are a true testament to her dedication and consistency in the gym. Chelsea is a staple […]

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